2013-01-18 Furthur at Sweetwater Music Hall – Set 2 (complete with donor rap and encore)

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MrSharkey11 says:

Why don’t get rid of those two turds in the background? You know, Those two
tremendous singers!

TheGratefulReverend says:

i don’t think that was bob…but loosen up!

Bernie Miller says:

awesome upload scott ! Phil’s opening bass lines on prophet shake my
windows, just with the pc’s Bose surround system.

Khataroo says:

Pure BLISS! Thanks so much for sharing

zaphodfortytoo says:

Thanks a lot for the video! Beautiful stuff. The year is 2013 :)

dograt666 says:

I just love this stuff!

jamman6565 says:

II: Estimated Prophet > Cumberland Blues Jam > Dark Star > Morning Dew >
Dark Star Terrapin Daze Between Sugar Mag DR E: Box -11:21pm PST

scott engstrom says:

glad you enjoyed the recording!

AvirtualSwitzerland says:

Just another clunker by Bob @ 5:00

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