Furthur Live at Broome County Arena on 2011-03-29 Full Show

Furthur Live at Broome County Arena on 2011-03-29 Full Show

Passenger, The Music Never Stopped Crazy Fingers, The Race Is On, Peaceful Valley Black-Throated Wind, Sugaree, Bertha

Jam Truckin’ New Speedway Boogie Cosmic Charlie, Something, The Mountain Song Scarlet Begonias Fire On The Mountain, Standing On The Moon, Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad And We Bid You Goodnight

U.S. Blues

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China Rider says:

I have seen one ratdog show and one Phil and friends show since ’95(both in
’97), and I was so put off and almost offended that they were playing
“jerry” tunes. It just seemed highly disrespectful to me. I didn’t want to
hear them and just sit there and be reminded of what once was. The only
ones that did, were the kids that weren’t alive to have seen Jerry. I
realize they want to play and make money. But both of them have plenty of
songs that they could play whole shows without having to play any Jerry
tunes. They become just another cover band when they do his material. I
miss hearing those songs too, but I miss HIM, The only band I see is DSO
since 97. They don’t pretend to be the grateful dead, they are what they
are, and I can groove to them more than hearing bobby attempt to mimic the
passion Jerry had. I love Bobby, and all the other boys, but IMO they
should stick to their own material and leave Jerrys in retirement. DSO is a
different deal altogether. I just don’t see any reason the boys need to be
messing with Jerrys tunes. They have more than enough between the two of
them to play different shows every night, if they wanted. I’m sorry, i’m
sure alot of people will disagree with me, but that’s just how I feel. When
a exceptional athlete retires, they retire his jersey/number, and I feel
the same type of thing should apply here. Jerry is gone, hearing Bobby or
Phil play a Terrapin, or a SOTM, is just like a slap in the face that
reminds me of what once was, and I get no enjoyment from hearing them play
it. If wanted to hear Jerry, I would go home and listen to him..not want
Bobby or Phil play him. Like I said, stick to your own songs, there are
plenty,more than enough to fill a show. JMO..

shane scully says:

this is to that guy who just rags on them like someone said if you don’t
like it don’t listen to it.i like the fact there keeping the grateful dead
and jerry’s memory alive I’m an old head and I love the shows and dso phil
and friends and ratdog.plus a lot of kids never got to see the dead tour
with jerry and by the bands I mentioned they can experience that awesome
good vibes of that experience so keeping the music playing like the dead
said the music never stopped.

coyote023 says:

I can remember being in this smaller hockey rink type place,a and the
strange thing about this show in broome county new york was Garcia was
strangely enough playing his little heart out. Why do people go to see
this?????????????? Sorry Phil I mean no disrespect towards you or weir. My
view is the same as kreutzmann’s

estimatedeyesfire says:

One of my favorite shows—just saw the 5 nights @ Tower before this &
Pittsburgh the following night. B-T Wind was great, and Something was a
nice surprise.

Georgie Porgie says:

This is changing my life right now :)

Jerry Garcia says:

This is mother fucking AWFUL!!!!!! Close to the Old GD
they were popular was cause of Jerry and now they are still making money of
a dead guy these pricks!!!!!! This is nothing more then a bad nostalgia
act. JK blows and just tries and does a fucking terrible job ripping of
Jerry created licks. Go listen to the guy from Rocks from the Garden. He’s
the real deal eel! Peace folks. Want a ripping Jack Straw try Chapel Hill
IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And go
listen to THE GRATEFUL DEAD 77 Trip here to Broome…….Again…….THE
REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Ducat says:

How about that piano player? Kinda blew my face off in that song

SpaceCase Lace says:

keep on SPINNIN!! round and round and round.

Jeremiah Bingham says:

thanks for posting

Chris Ducat says:

I want to see 14 furthur shows!

Chris Ducat says:

Their keyboard player appears to be channeling Brent…fantastic musician.

Bernie Miller says:

Bertha ! someone said JK was “uninspired” on another tube. NOT.

Tristan Callan says:

I’ve seen 14 Furthur shows as of now and this is definitely my favorite.

Andrew Dunning says:

I was there – saw them the concert before at Radio City Music Hall – where
Elvis Costello just tore it up and made every body so freaking
happy!…funnnnner then shit. This concert pure straight ahead rock n
roll…went with my friend Bill – shake down street – concert = three (3)
sheets to the wind.

Richard Hayes says:

Great video thanks alot !! giving me something good to groove to while I’m

Ginny Mcintosh says:

Holy Shit!!! Thank you a million times!!!!!!!

theuncomparable1 says:

Port Chester in 5 days..get to see two nights. Something like this would
not suck.

Will Hostetter says:

i love how you can see how big of a smile phil has even when the camera is
zoomed out to see the entire band

Ginny Mcintosh says:

It’s sooo nice to get a whole Furthur show!! thanks bunches

Jackstraw1000 says:

This was the 5th Furthur show we saw, it is likely my favourite. The
Scarlet>Fire literally brought a tear to my eye, I hadn’t heard one live
since 93. This band keeps getting better, do yourself a favour and catch a
few shows if you haven’t already

Chris Ducat says:

Crazy Fingers…crazy good

hiraldo mcgoo says:

seen bout 30 and was def best

1coyotte1 says:

Thanks so much for this man!!!!!! 1:28:00 Cosmic Charlie for GITMO!!!!!!!!!

Crimson Jam says:

Can’t wait to see them in Bethel in July

SpaceCase Lace says:

did you hear what i just heard? franklins tower is a ring of fire, and
going FurtheR can lightenin’ your way.. dont put a kite on a string in the
ice, calico khalia!

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