FURTHUR – LIVE – TRI Studio 6/7/11 – Complete

Playin’ In The Band
Crazy Fingers
Jack Straw,
Brown-Eyed Women,
Big Bad Blues ,
The Wheel
Unbroken Chain
The Other One
Uncle Johns Band
Lady With A Fan
Terrapin Station
Terrapin Transit
At a Siding
Terrapin Flyer
Terrapin Refrain ,
Black Peter ,
Mountain Song
I Know You Rider

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Karl Johnsen says:

Just when I was thinking “Man …. Bobby really shouldn’t sing Jerry songs
…”. Then he pulls off that Black Peter …. 

RatDog67 says:

Fuck Trey! He WILL be my ONLY complaint about Chicago.

John Sheldon says:

i wish i could do the bass line here and follow the guitar…..chromatic
bliss :)

JoeyhasMojo says:

Definitely one of my ‘Desert Island YouTube’ picks, providing there is a
solar generator on that island

PinkFloydrulez says:

wow, this is really cool… wish i got to see these guys

James Powers says:

Oh yeagh! Pleasantly surprised. 

Fatz Treeboy says:

this guitar man should be doing the chicago shows. he is bay area. trey
anastasio is from where?….just my opinion….san francisco fatz


wow!!! wow!!! wow!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!! So far just heard and
saw the Jack Straw!!!! 100,000 WOWS!!!!
I am feeling so Grateful a Live Further on!!!! Incredible Thank you!!!! 

Ginette Houdry Brockway says:

love love love these guys!

lil jon says:

phil @ 1:00:04 yikes
Bobby knows better than to let him sing. haha
Somehow he got worse .

Nichlas Babb says:

The Playin’ Jam is sick!

toniann brooklyngirl says:


Nathe Morley says:

that was bad ass!! thank you!!

myboysdothings says:

I like how Jeff Chimenti looks like he jizzes in his pant a few dozen times
each show.

pikov as says:

prekleto, a je tako težko čutiti?

wyatt london says:

I did not like “the dead”. When Further formed, it was a day and night
refreshing difference for me. John must have received a Jerry blood
transfusion. This whole band is tight and intertwines so well together. I
go to all Further shows that I can and hope they will be back together
soon. PLEASE!!!!!

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

D ARemo says:

*__* m *__*(……………………..*^______^*)*____* m *___*

J Burn says:

#Furthur live at +Tamalpais Research Institute 

Turgorful says:

How did I miss this?

norman allan says:

I love this new stuff! (I love the old stuff still)

SKOJCV says:

Bob plays the strangest looking chords. He’s one of the best rhythm
guitarists I’ve ever seen. Half the time I can’t figure out his

Stew Bone says:

Playin’ in The Band

John Keefer says:

I liked the Unbroken Chain. The remarkable thing is that the playing of
John and Jeff were what was made it good, not Phil and Bob. Who’d uh thunk
it? :-0

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

jeremiah crooks says:

#Furthur live at +Tamalpais Research Institute 

Stew Bone says:


Américo Ramos Samissomar says:

Furthur Up The Road…There Can Be Heaven,Or A Hell Of A Wonderful Burning
Rock !…

sedgley2 says:

As has been said beautiful…. thankyou

Alex Bruce says:

Unbroken Chain takes on a Southern Man quality….. Interesting

Tonya Stultz says:

Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Scott says:

Fantastic band, great playing !

Ron Mann says:

Does anyone know if there’s a recording of this available for purchase?

Ron Mann says:

This music, these people, it all just vastly expands the space withing
oneself, where you sway, dance, and run… naked

Paige Barclay says:

Carry on.

WaxedClassics says:

klassiker set

kevin mcgovern says:
John Keller says:


luma62183 says:

Really does sound awesome in their. Would kill to mess around with these
guys, PITB hits it nicely once it warms up

Christopher Gibson says:

Hey boot how many times did they play this live

lokijam says:

If there was ever a list compiled of great rythmn sections, Bob & Phil wud
have to be atop that list.

shkdwnst987 says:

oh, forget it. you kids the never saw jerry and think you’re experiencing a
grateful dead show are just naive kids, or the phish kids that made the
last couple tours disasters. You probably wouldve been cheering for the
fence crashers at deer creek in 95. When you don’t know what you’re talking
about, pretending you do, just makes the truth all the more apparent. Go
bounce around a room somewhere ..

nolanfan626 says:

You are right about them being tighter, but on some nights, even toward the
end, GD could STILL catch lightning in a bottle. After all, how hard could
it be when the Lightning is Lazy…see what I did there…I can here the
hisses already, so that’s the end of my bad joke.

beachgal SF says:

Tri Studio is just a magic house of sound…what a super creation Bobby has
come up with after yrs in the making. We have only just begun to hear what
Tri has to bring us. Phil in the start of this show was ‘not sure’…Bobby
encourages him saying…just give the room a chance – and well we all
heard. It’s not just amazing sound mix after the fact – it’s streaming live
out of Tri a lot now. Also have been myself to 2 shows there (count me
lucky) and it’s perfect as a live body in the room.

1968spiritman says:

UJB jam!

John Keller says:

They might be my most favorite band….Fukin SICK….GRATE Love IT …I
play drums …that GUY can PLAY!!!!….really nice groove and sound
beautiful sound!!!!! Chris,CT

Christopher Gibson says:

Jerry never even cam close to playin unbroken chain like this even multi
Jerry’s in the studio.If Phil’s lovin every minute of as scholared as he is
boy Jerry would be proud. Name the album einstone, Oh yeah you’ll just wiki

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