Furthur Madison Square Garden 11-20-2010 Full Show

Furthur Madison Square Garden 11-20-2010 Full Show

Set 1: Jam Help on the Way Slipknot Shakedown Street Jack Straw, El Paso, Wharf Rat keyboard solo Two Djinn Lady with a Fan Terrapin Station Terrapin Suite At a Siding

Set 2: Mountain Song Jam Dark Star The Other One St. Stephen The Eleven Death Don’t Have No Mercy Franklin’s Tower

Encore: One More Saturday Night

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Karl Johnsen says:

Don’t tell me that band ain’t got no heart ….

JoshDone says:

There was no reason to break up Furthur. What, for three lousy faux GD
shows in Chicago that aren’t being followed by a tour? Really? Good luck,

PinkFloydrulez says:

bob’s guitar is strung pretty low, did someone let him see metallica

Jeffery Noel says:

I miss furthur already 

Jimmy Fighera says:

People should not compare ,the Songs live on !I’m sure that’s what Jerry
would want….

dominick congemi says:

Jerry is gone nothing will ever equal what he accomplished. if u like the
music take what the bands have to give you ie phil n friends- ratdog jrad
dso and your local cover bands!! its all about the music. i was @ this show
it was nice to hear a couple of classics and have a good time .if you r one
of the few that cant wrap your head around anything but the dead i
understand but dont hate!!

nikolaos georgantakis says:
Sam Farwick says:

If you don’t have anything kind to say, then keep it to yourself! Your
still a prick!

Pamela Hayes says:

Im gonna stop reading the coments.

Timothy Glassmire says:

I will take what is left.What a beautiful bunch of people!Glassy.

buddyiodine says:

Everything involving Phil and Bob post-Dead has been a massive,
heart-rending disappointment. Nothing different here. Sorry man; I want
to like it but I just can’t. DSO is more satisfying, sadly.

Robert Noble says:

Haters gonna’ hate, but this is great.

Robert Noble says:

This was a great show. I think people just like to post negative comments
because they’ve got nothing better to do, and they enjoy complaining on the
internet because they can do it behind the disguise of a pseudonym. 

SSSVideos says:

Too bad so many folks are off the bus. Furthur is the only project to come
close to the old GD experience, imho! 

Jerry Garcia says:

This is mother fucking AWFUL!!!!!! Close to the Old GD
they were popular was cause of Jerry and now they are still making money of
a dead guy these pricks!!!!!! Weir singing HOYW!!!!!!!!! This is nothing
more then a bad nostalgia act. JK blows and just tries and does a fucking
terrible job ripping of Jerry created licks. Go listen to the guy from
Rocks from the Garden. He’s the real deal eel! Peace folks!

Sam Farwick says:

You words are awful!!! Jerry was not the whole grateful dead experience you
dumbass it was all of them! You have to be one of the biggest pricks that
have responded to this! You are an asshole and no one like you! Keep
rocking Further!!!!! We love you….:) Don’t listen to this jerk, he smoked
to much pot and it got to his head!

sketchedy says:

I was at this one, it was a great show, thanks for posting.

TrippyManeInstrumentals says:


xrInstrumentals says:

Thanks brother!

jasgoerndt says:

Why did this get so many negative votes? Nothing bad was said.

mikie8865 says:

where’s jerry???

BeerBreak says:


BeerBreak says:

Fuk Yeah!

Paisley Tom says:

Bull Baloney!

headlessindian says:

I don’t care much for any of the post-Garcia incarnations. Generally, I’ve
found them to be terribly boring. If they were truly interested in taking
it “Furthur”, they should write tons of new music, and phase out the
Grateful Dead songs. Performing Grateful Dead songs at a far lower level
does nothing to move the music forward.

chinacatthrak says:

c’mon… it’s cool not to like it, but do you gotta be such a cynical

jltret05 says:

why did you bother to watch it if it was so boring? how did you even come
to view this video? why not leave it immediately? so many questions
regarding your misplaced aggression towards a bunch of old-school hippies
come to mind…

53dahc says:

What a great setlist. You have to love how they are comming into there own.

Alison Johnson says:


headlessindian says:

Like Lady Gaga or not, you can’t deny her talent. Listen to her performance
on the Howard Stern Show, it’s inspired. If you want to listen to Terrapin
Station check out 4/14/84, 1/22/78, or even 3/21/92.

Paul Gengo says:

John K has his own band i don’t care for the keyboard player….John has
played with MS and they were Smokin. Further melts faces when they let John
sing the Jerry Tunes……I am not a fan of Lesh and Weir splitting verses
on Jerry tunes when they have JK….

TadRapidly says:

melvin’s current guitarist / singer is awesome, though. Where is he gonna
go? lol And Furthur absolutely melted face when I saw them at Outside Lands
in 2010!

TadRapidly says:

I agree 100% on the vocals. Kadlicek is stellar! When Weir and Phil steal
the vocal its like a “look at me” thing instead of doing what we all know
is right for the music. Kadlicek is heaven-sent and they should bow to him
in full prostration.

TadRapidly says:

oh, come on! :o) Blessings, Allie.

Jeff Cooper says:

I love this concert. Great Quality Recording, Great Concert. Living in the
mid-west it’s a real treat to be able see the shows like this! Thank You So
Much for posting these Jamman!!!!

Ginny Mcintosh says:

Thanks Jamman! Love It!!!! Keep’em comin’!!!!!

Bernie Miller says:

maybe you have the skill to better play any instrument ? send us a link.
have a try at Terrapin Station- that’s a boring composition. NOT. I’ll tell
you how to torture prisoners – lady gaga or those morons singing ‘someone
that I used to know.’

headlessindian says:

Yes, I do. Now go fuck yourself and die.

bobbysbackingtracks says:


Jeffery Noel says:

i was at this show and the next night show too

jltret05 says:

so are you just saying that these folks don’t have it, but the Dead did it
alright themselves? I saw Lesh and friends this summer, where the “friends”
were mostly further, and it was rockin. I’ve also seen Further a few times
and I’ve never been disappointed…i’ve also never been sober…

Robert Wilson says:

AAAHHHHHH! Been waiting 2 hours to hear them rip through The Eleven, not on
here? Ouch

headlessindian says:

They should have used this at Guantanamo Bay. The could have bored
detainees to death.

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