Furthur – Sweetwater Music Hall – 01/16/13 – Set One

Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Joe Russo, Sunshine Becker, Jeff Pehrson

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Glenn Sadowsky says:

Just now discovering the Couch Tour Captures shows. Thank you so much for
these recordings. Such a pleasure to see them perform, and with such great
audio along with it! This sounds fantastic, only through BEW, and it

DeadReckoning says:

Fuckin Wow…..what a sweet show. They are clearly having a good time….nice
to see Phil with a perma grin. Wish I had been there…..and such a short
time to be here. 

kevin mcgovern says:

Furthur – Sweetwater Music Hall – 01/16/13 – Set …:

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

wharfratdog says:

whoa im drowning in you

gh0st0ft0m says:


David Brown says:

I watched this entire performance on the TRI Studio stream on the 18th.
WOW! By third song on the second set, I started to feel link anything was
possible. Alive and thriving!

y33llowsubmarin says:

Chills~I just feel Jerry there and he is impressed =) Wink and a nod ;)

Frank Espen says:

it used to be you could view the grateful dead and just about every other
artist using typical hyper-text protocol. these adobe flash players they
are putting out are lousy. they slow down browser speed and don’t give
nearly as clear a picture. can we get deadheads with a thought at computer
and how ” it ” works to contribute words about getting back sane internet

SoulFuzzMusic says:

This music will never die….it’s up to you to keep it alive !

Couch Tour Captures says:

A Firefox extension called DownloadHelper. It’s a complete no-brainer.

pizzatherapy says:

Sounds great boys! Keep on playin in the band…

thecirrusminor says:

crap your pants good

Ray DeLeon says:

Great show!!

Steve Traverse says:

thanks thanks thanks thanks..MIke!!!!!!!

T D says:

incredible!! the boys are playing at such a high level! I love seeing Phil
smiling! So obvious they are still enjoying the long strange trip! the
Video and Audi quality are amazing!!!

Mahumadi says:

Oh, yeah they’re loving it and so are we.

leif churchill says:

Is joe Russo left handed?

Bernie Miller says:

love the smokin “ep” version of deal…looks like Phil did too. a lot of
talent per sq ft on that small stage.

KlobberSaurus says:

Whats the info on Johns sweet Alembic??? Anyone got a link with details?

edward johnson says:

wish my speakers went to bloody 11!

misngfingr says:

Ok…have made it thru all the Sweetwater vids and clearly, unquestionably,
this is the finest, fullest collection of Furthur Live Video ever to see
the light of upload. On one hand I wish they would take the video show on
the road, (would save me a few grand a year on my Tour budget as it stands
today) but on the other hand, I’m not sure it would translate as well on
the large stage. Something about a tight, sweaty club atmosphere makes this
more enjoyable to watch, easier to identify with. A++

masahurryful says:

I can feel lead guitarist love Jerry.

Wholesale Furniture says:


leif churchill says:

Wish they would come to Canada :) I saw them in Seattle fun times :)

Bernie Miller says:

loves me some Sweetwater gigs..first Hot Tuna from 2 decades ago and now
Furthur. so many great tunes to help our sojourns here.

IkoIko95 says:

Great video!! Thanks, keep on posting!! Share live music!

jennifer krzeminski says:

nailed it simply magnificint thank you so much for sharing

Jim Moulton says:

I just can’t get over how great these guys sound. KADLECIK ,WOW!!!!

Peter Monroe says:

I sent out a Christmas card this year that looked a little like John’s

Andrew Walley says:

i am so glad they are doing this for us

Paulie Walnuts says:

i concur

Bernie Miller says:

Looks like John’s enjoying a new guitar. unusual shape. that is a small
venue. lucky to be in that crowd must have sold out in minutes.

Brock Spore says:


Todd Hehl says:

Thanx for this…Lovely show…

TapOnWood says:

Helluva set.

mct7160able says:

awesome thanks for the time to record this

Oaksterdam Dan says:

Set 1: Playing in the Band Jam > Deal Black Throated Wind Brown-Eyed Women
My Brother Esau Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues High Time Throwing Stones

thomas Lessard says:

tom thumb Phil…

rainonocean says:

~ this is sweet ! ! thank you !!

Steve Sharkey says:


Dancintank says:

Set I Playing in the Band Deal Black-Throated Wind Brown-Eyed Women My
Brother Esau Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues High Time Throwing Stones

Peter Monroe says:

Bob’s guitar is sweet! It reminds me of my Grandpa’s.

DocVoc43 says:

TY 4 this SweeeeeeeeeetH20

Jeff Leary says:

not like the past…but still nice to hear

AthensGuitarLessons says:

It will always be weird to think of Bob Weir as a member of Bohemian Grove.

joe ryan says:

Chiming in from Santiago, Chile.

maclyde71 says:

Phil with the fist pound to John after Deal…..Classic!

Ryan N Karin Keranen says:

Tom Thumb Blues!!!!!!!!

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