Furthur – Sweetwater Music Hall – 01/17/13 – Set Two, Part One

Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Joe Russo, Sunshine Becker, Jeff Pehrson

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Mark Foust says:

Crazy fingers is off the chains! Dang!

Fernando Roman says:
kevin mcgovern says:

Furthur – Sweetwater Music Hall – 01/17/13 – Set …:

Daniel Odom says:

how lucky are we ! thanks (Y) (~);} ♥

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

rainbowpagun says:

will do

dan pierce says:

see,i’m from Maine and the Dead made the town of oxford shut off the
concerts in 88 and,maybe wrong but Nateva 4th of july 2010 did almost the
same thing,other than camp creek, nothing-i wish more festivals would get
to maine,i did see them at cccc nov 2011 and were 5 star-not fade away!

NatureGirl62 says:

Joel: Good love, yes. I have been thrilled to be involved in the
Sweetwater, but I have done it for the love of music alone alone. I’m
thrilled to hear that you have enjoyed the club. Please continue to join
in! We are thrilled to have the community embrace it!

dan pierce says:

Bob sounding like Bob.Bad notes and all,still got luv!

John Frings says:

Anybody else here getting sick of the god damn Booker T ads. Geez he must
have had a million dollar ad budget. Enough already.

Steve Sharkey says:

Thanks for all you hard work I watched this live but I was @ work and could
not see th whole thing This is a real treat somewhere Jerry is watching
trust . SWEET{WATER}

Mike Anderson says:

Bobby’s voice still sounds great

Steve Sharkey says:

How cool is this

TheGratefulReverend says:

of all the guys the band has had in the “garcia spot” this guy has phrasing
most like garcia (i was speaking in the vocals, but guitar tooo)

Joel Kluger says:

This streaming biz is a real treat, and then having a great quality vid pop
on the ol Youtube… Well when sharing the music is more important than
making another buck… You can feel it.. Good Love

Jazz Marlo says:

part 2 ??? :(( (~);}

JimiG54 says:

The thing I loved about Jer was that he never “played it safe”. There
always was an edge to his playing, careening here to there on a whim. I
miss that. He drove the band for the longest time, and they got staid when
that reversed during his decline. I miss the “fire” of discovery they used
to have. But I wish them luck and love that all the newbies have a taste,
just a taste, of the Glory Days of yore.

Erik Di Bella says:

I know it’s kinda late to say this, but thanks for the set list! Peace

rainbowpagun says:

big love from upstate ny thanks guys

NatureGirl62 says:

So glad you enjoyed! Come to the club in Mill Valley!

Laurie Gutholc Vid says:

Weir’s’s Voice Matured, as he matured ,,, and got married?He hooked up with
her when she was 15!!! She was on tour for 5 minutes Freakin’ Bobby

gh0st0ft0m says:

You hear JK slip in the GDTRFB riff during Eyes 40:00 after he says
“Sometimes we walk alone”? And Phil laughing like a little kid in the jam
before it! New axe sounding great

Bernie Miller says:

what an awesome ‘so many roads’ at the end. the boys were so enjoyin
playing it.

heathsthree says:


NatureGirl62 says:

Hey Dan, come to the new club – Mill Valley, just 10 miles north of San
Francisco, in the redwoods. Amazing!

Susan Gustafson says:

I just love JC’s solo’s (like on Eyes)!!!! <3

Oaksterdam Dan says:

Good Lovin’ Crazy Fingers> Born Cross-Eyed> Jam> Eyes of the World> Other
One> So Many Roads Help on the Way> Slipknot! > Franklins Tower

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