Trey and Furthur at Lockn’ – 2013/09/07

Casey Jones*, Bertha*, Truckin*_The Other One*, Viola Lee Blues*, Scarlet Begonias*_Fire On The Mountain*

* – w/ Trey Anastasio

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Colby Burhenn says:

Joe Russo is on another planet. Sounds like Mickey and Billy put
together. Amazing.

russell paps says:

This is a cool show to check out. I’ve also noticed a big adjustment in
Trey’s playing in this show. He’s using more functions of the guitar
compared to his normal playing. A lot more switch switching and knob
twiddling. This is Trey & Furthur @ Lock’n 2013. Another cool thing I’ve
noticed is the way they give Trey free reign at times to kind of control
the direction but then other times they reel him in reminding him that he
is part of a collective and not the ringleader. That was just my
interpretation of the interplay going on and I found it to be quite cool to
see. He was obviously being groomed for the Reunion shows whether you
believe it or not. But after seeing a lot of the videos with him. This has
been in the works for quite some time.

Rex Magnum says:

JK showing why he is the man. Can Trey improve himself to rise to the
occasion in Chicago? He’ll need to do a lot better than this. He has the
ability. But why are the boys gambling when JK already has it down? Strange

Anybody calls JK ‘fake Jerry’ (even though it is funny) must have been in
nappies when the real Jerry was alive. A real musician can hear that JK not
only plays many of Jer’s licks, but also adds his own original stuff in
there too… but I guess most people aren’t musicians.

rightoff303 says:

anyone who thinks this video gives a good idea of how they will sound in
Chicago is ignorant.

Trey probably got some time to go over some of this material the DAY OF the
sit in. Trey will have the benefit of preparing for Chicago with Bobby, and
going over the song-list himself, and then the rehearsals with the full
band leading up to the shows. Confidence is everything here.

He doesn’t have his full rig with him so his tone and sound are

Trey will be the ONLY lead guitarist, he will not feel like he is stepping
on anyone’s toes, and will not have to compete during solos.

Doug Sias says:

An idea of what the boys may sound like in chicago

Trey and Furthur at Lock’n – 2013/09/07:

Mash-up Maker says:

7:04 Look at the Crazy-Eyes Bobby gives the camera!

ForDummiesLikeMe says:

Trey, makes a great special guests much like many guests that have sat in
with the band ie Santana Steve Miller John Cipollina etc but John has
proven to be the backbone I’ll send him for Jerry a used pair of blue suede
shoes to fill and he does a damn good job! John has proven himself and not
having him there is an insult to him after all his great work with furthur
and yes there is something up with Bill K he is a dick but Mickey and Billy
have always been the missing link for furthur no disrespect to Russo but
his chops are just not Grateful Dead Grateful Dead must have Mickey Billy
aka rhythm Devils Joe is trying too hard trying to fill a set of shoes too
big it just doesn’t have the groove with Joe, if you don’t believe me a
lifelong drummer and deadhead since 1975 wait till Chicago and you will see
the difference but with john not there it will be a shadow of this
performance, replacing one missing link for another… 

Brian Emslander says:

I’m a huge Trey/Phish fan. If anyone thinks this “sit in” performance is
what you expect come July is just talking crazy. Looked like a good time

Mary K Johnson says:

TY for sharing this Guy ;)

Indian Summer says:

Been waiting for this to be released ever since i saw it in person!!! first
time seeing anyone from the dead live.. and with trey!!

Phishboy26 says:

This collaboration is right up my alley.

Perry Stevens says:

Everybody has to solo at the same time? Annoying and way to busy! It makes
it hard to appreciate it

Jared Sommers says:

A taste of what the last Grateful Dead reunion might be like : )

Don Litman says:

Be nice if John sat in for a set in Chi-town. ;-)

Mash-up Maker says:

Holy Wow, where did this come from? Thanks for the upload!

Hendrixphishinfloyd says:

Interesting tempo change during Casey Jones!

Brian Stoltz says:


William Gardiner says:

this made me smile the whole entire time

colin romisher says:

this is truely perfection!

Sean Hennessey says:

it never was a good idea for Weir to play slide, especially because he
basically learned on stage….

Jake Tunney says:

other one is extremely hot!!!!!

seemsaboutright says:

Seriously Joe Russo is one of the greatest drummers. Closed my eyes during
the Trucking>The Other One jam and forgot there was only one drummer. Oh
yeah Trey is cool too

MrJdspecial1 says:

I remember my brother and i just being amazed that we were witnessing trey
w furthur. It was my last furthur show. Such a great way to leave off that
era. What a magical night and magical fest. Thanks for the post!

MimmGigg says:

I saw Phish and they were so weak, to even compare Phish to the Dead is
like comparing a Pinto to a BMW.

Chibby 71 says:

Wow! Now I know everything. Trey fits! ;)


Chicago bound

aaaaaaaaardvark says:

Bill and Mickey >>>>>>>>>>>> these drummers

Jeffery Noel says:

I love how trey go’s to shake Phil’s hand first then John k and then bobbys
hand haha

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