Dead & Company, 07.03.2016 Boulder, CO Complete Show AUD

Dead & Company July 3, 2016
Folsom Field – Boulder, CO

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
Next Time You See Me
Samson & Delilah
West LA Fadeaway
Bird Song
New Speedway Boogie

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
He’s Gone
Smokestack Lightening
He’s Gone
Let It Grow
Drums/ Space
Dark Star
Morning Dew

Brokedown Palace
US Blues

Mickey Hart
Bill Kreutzmann
John Mayer
Bob Weir
Oteil Burbridge
Jeff Chimenti


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Moveme Brightly says:

I'm listening again, to the only show I saw this summer tour. It was absolutely the best experience I've had at a show in years. So very Grateful to have been there. It was a hyper-energetic feedback loop of love and vibrations. Thank you Dead & Co!

Gregor Gable says:

Who remember's the August 26th, show, Where The Ranger Riders gave away 1,000
ounces of Cannabis w/ papers & matches? Jerry let us bring it in w/ the Dead equipment. It was a blast….Remember making all of them in my Mountain Cabin. We bought all the Sandwich Bags from Blackhawk & Rollinvell (sp), we said they were for a Church Picnic. The Dead Picnic that was. For more Read
about in in "My Life with the Grateful Dead' by Dennis McNally, page 844, in the original printing. Only time he talked about Cannabis at a Dead show, it was 3/4 page long.
Now those were the Good Old Days!!! Yea….

Jay Mack says:

Oteil is also killing it & brings a lot of dynamic boogie flow to each song, almost a jazzy feel to it, which has propelled Dead & Co. into new areas of free-form jazziness that they may not have had in the past. JM adds a lot of this to the mix as well!) This really is a great new incarnation and I'm glad I got to see them last November – wish I could have seen them more this summer but they seemed to avoid most southern dates this go around…..I hope they come back again SOON!

Colin Siert says:

What song is it around 29:45?

Judy Clay says:

Both nights were amazing. Different in their own way. But all Dead! Love these boys…always will! Johnny you got your seat on the bus as far as I'm concern. Cant wait for the rest of the westcoast tour!

Adam Riley says:

I've always known Mayer could play anything he wanted on guitar. I believe right before his first album came out, it was rolling stone that did an article labeling him the best up and coming blues guitar player. He obviously chose a different path. I'm just glad he's finally putting the skills to use. John Mayer trio was really good. I'm interested to see what he does once dead and company comes to an end which hopefully isn't too soon. I'm sure he's still a douche though.

Joseph Ferguson says:

weir r blessed

Joseph Ferguson says:

what a hoot !!

Kevin Riid says:

NICE! Glad to hear the boys smoking one on my birthday ~ tanks alot

Bradley Hagemyer says:

Atlanta last Nov,Irvine in July,…."Dead&Co., the family returns to where the Dead live again!"P.S. a personal opinion on two matters,one:i kinda laugh at theese ultra right dead puritanists,Jerry would in fact laugh out loud,at the notion of any song being off limits,in reference to a comment made about the black muddy river,encore recently,this is the music of the grateful dead folks….NOTHING is off limits at this stage of the game ,or ever for that matter! 2nd new blood in an old body,makes one feel young again,J.M. has mad skills,and chemdawg,i mean chemistry with theese guys and its obvious thier having a blast,to put it in short,the bus is running again and i for one and damn glad to be on it-peace "LISTEN TO THE O-ZONE ! "

john madory says:

I think JM said it best in the 7/14 issue of Rolling Stone,"I'm a student again." Now with 100 songs in his arsenal. Plus they didn't repeat a single song at their first four shows. Dead & Company are keeping it alive and for that I thank each and every member !

Daniel Trumm says:

If you ever thought JM was a 'douche' as was said here… just listen to his album TRY!

KeenOne Best says:

Morning Comes ….. She Follows the Path to the River Shore > 1:41:20

john madory says:

When lessons need to be learned a teacher will often present him/her self. Listen & learn well young John. So far – sooooo good ! Feeding that jones….

Phroso says:

BW 15'20" "And now a little something for the kids…" JM sings "Next Time You See Me" – Little Junior Parker 1957. Have they done this song at all since Pigpen died?

Melissa Ibarguen says:

Couldn't agree more with 75sliver. The exact term I used to describe Mayer was douche, but man did he prove me wrong last night! He rocked it out!

Justin Thrasher says:

I love this band there really gellin an it the groove

bob E D says:

When John Mayer is on it , he has this "orgasmic " look on his face , and I think to myself ,hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

75sliver says:

This band is really channeling something great here. John Mayer who up until this point I considered a douche bag has really won me over. Bird Song was great. Will be in Detroit on Thursday. So glad this band has had time to come together

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