Dead and Company-Live at the Hollywood Bowl 6-1-17 (Set 2 Only)

Hollywood, Ca

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Thomas Bell says:

This was the first of four shows I saw on the tour and it was a masterpiece, as I got to take my older brother and blow his mind. He couldn't believe how deep and rich the music was in the 2nd set.  Its the set list we all dream of. In watching this vid, I am surprised at the tempo. Really slow and groovy….kind of Rat-Dog esque. It's only the  fourth show of the tour so Meyer is playing it fairly close to the vest. A lot of listening and restraint. Fast forward to Wrigley a month later, and the songs were faster and the solos more intense. That said, I am pretty sure this band is virtually incapable of an "off night." Which is the single biggest difference between them and late 80s and 90s Dead, where it was, in my opinion, 1/3 clunkers, 1/3 good and 1/3 very good.

William Martin says:

I wish Donna would walk up during this first song. They should make it happen. Thanks Pat for this awesome video.

Evie Mckee says:

wow I was just trned on ta these guys … holy cow

Edward Johnson says:

was there and found a fifth row ticket heading back to my (already pretty good box) seat. Caught this set "down in there" with all the kind folk! As a head from early eighties on, and with 150+ shows between the Grateful Dead & Jerry Band; as well as about a dozen or so of these guys plus Furthur, the Dead..ect I think this set of Music is the best I've heard since Jerry. Love this time machine we get to travel back in! Thanks ya'll

Julie Akers says:

These folks commenting are fucking bitching back & forth like idiots-one things for sure- Jerry never took himself too seriously- just be glad YOU'RE alive & if you like it, keep dancing- if not, give your ticket to one who does! As I heard Ken Kesey say before the show at his farm many years ago, no matter what, "when the sun sets in the west, the music will play on!" And play on it does, brother, Ken! The music never stops! (And leave young John alone- I'm sure Jerry's got no complaints= he's doing just fine & getting better every day) All blessings to all &-All Good Things!

wallyo202 says:

Thought dark star was going to morph into wharf rat…☹️

Tim Clancy says:

Bobby is fucking terrible

richard harris says:

Pat Myers deserves a standing ovation for video quality and sound quality amazing shot thank you Pat thank you

Pun2404 says:

Dead & Company – 06/01/17 – Hollywood Bowl, CA (Night 2)

*SET 2*:
Estimated Prophet: 1:07
St. Stephen: 18:50
Terrapin Station: 32:40
Dark Star: 45:45
Drums: 54:54
Space: 1:02:42
Dark Star (reprise): 1:12:12
Morning Dew: 1:18:38

Not Fade Away: 1:30:03

Desert Healing says:

The world is dynamic. If you can't change with it then you are stuck somewhere, your boots in the mud, as time and life passes you by. Life is all about Happiness. To each his own. I miss Jerry. Personally, I am happy that this continues and hope it evolves into something as special as the magic that Jerry gave us. Jerry was a genius for creating these songs with Bob Hunter about America with such great musical landscapes allowing others to play these songs with similar excitement and spacey grace. Flow. Let the river take you. You can't fight nature and this is nature evolving into another species of Grateful Dead. If you can't enjoy the music then let go, leave it, shed the negativity and let the kids enjoy something similar to the magic we experienced. As Garcia said about dynamics – the Dead is not a sixties band. You can't ride freight trains anymore so get on the road, follow the Dead and see America…

Rafael Gomez says:

To those who say the Grateful Dead ended sometime in the 70s, 80's, 90's or with Jerry's death, and that Dead and Company are no legacy, I quote Jerry's own words:

Some rise,
Some fall,
Some climb,
To get to Terrapin.

I can't figure out,
(Terrapin! )
If it's the end or beginning,
(Terrapin! )
But the train's put it's brakes on,
(Terrapin! )
And the whistle is screaming,

…it's not over boys and girls. The remaining Grateful Dead members have chosen reincarnation and evolution over death. Or you can say they've chosen to be Grateful over Dead.

Sam B says:

Chimenti is a baws. beautiful playing on Terrapin

Jaydon Blood says:

I was there. It was amazing


John Meyer is really awesome, credit deserved

ThomasTheEncryptic says:

Estimated Prophet – Smooth as honey and sweet like wine!
St. Stephen – Cool I bet no one complained

scrumpymanjack says:

I was at this show – the first time I had seen the Dead since 1983. Dancing in the audience and listening to our beloved friends old and new rock the house made it seem for a brief moment that everything was right with the world. Thanks so much to Pat for filming and for sensational audio. What a treasure.

bj s says:

Thanks, Pat. Sounds so great. wish i coulda been there

Thomas Eaton says:

Who was the 3rd drummer on Drums??

do Mc says:

Nice video Pat! Can't wait for my chance to see em in Cleveland later this month.

Kathy Wells says:

Thanks, Pat.

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