Dead and Company – The Music Never Stopped, Dire Wolf & Jack Straw – May 27, 2017

Dead & Company playing “The Music Never Stopped”, “Dire Wolf” and “Jack Straw” at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA on May 27, 2017.

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Grill Cheese It


Evan Fenska says:

there is an mosquite on the river

Amber Hanley says:

Is that a Franklin's tease in the segue between MNS and Direwolf? 16:23….

yoloswag420 says:


Jonathan Banks says:

Really love the new Jack Straw arrangement

diane wilson says:

Myer's vocals and guitar playing did SUPREME justice for Dire Wolf as he does many songs. I never once doubted his contribution to the band and glad skeptics are coming around and starting to see what a great asset he is to the band!


obviously the music is not stopping. sick!!!

Stewart Lawrence says:

John Mayer…now that's pure hommage, Sir…

jose perez says:

John M you are about .125 too fast out of sink. Feel the music slow down….. Let the song move your fingers

jose perez says:

I am one of Jerry kids the same songs not the same music. Jerry we miss you

Anthony Friedlander says:

Mickey at 24:56 with those silent paradiddles

joe woods says:

I was lucky enough to be at this show, first "Dead" for my 28 yr son. Band was very sharp for the 1st show of the tour..

JA #1 says:

Makes you want to hear some real 77 Garcia real Dire Wolf and I like this.

Todd Walsh says:

PS: Weir was in top form, Mayer killing, and everyone else on point and there!

Todd Walsh says:

Was there (and 40 shows between 86 – 95) and this was terrific. Such good sound and energy and solid tour opener! Music never stopped!

Clean and Sober Head says:

Johns killing it I wish I was there!!!!

Joseph Shanley says:

I love how John is starting to pick up on some of Jerry's subtle tonalities when it comes to showing slight restraint on the solos. I noticed in the earlier shows, including one that I went to, he seemed adamant about proving his worth with all the guitar heroics. It's all great, but part of what made Jerry's solos beautiful was the simplicity and space between the different riffs. John is becoming a master.

Matthew DeLisle says:

mayer sounds great. good job..

chais jo says:


Edward Boretz says:

Was at that show…what a great time it was! The music and the vibe was outstanding!

Dash Jeffreys says:

Its good to see the Dead still keeping the wonderful music alive. And Mayer is growing on me. The kid has huge shoes to try to fill. But I think Mayer sounds better this year than last.
Wish I had 2 tickets to Chicago!

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