Dead & Co New Orleans 2/24/18 w/George Porter Bertha [4K]

D&C paid tribute to George Porter, Jr., inviting him on stage for 3 songs. Some may not realize what a legend he is in this town. The guy’s played every night for 30 years. And he always wears a tie dye shirt!

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J H says:

Mayer so smooth

tuib says:

Goes down smoothe.

Tobias Trahant says:

George is fueling it spot on

Kent Hawkins says:

Nice vid. Thanks. Great show.

wegenerwegener says:

this is awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing, and the great quality. I'm listening with headphones so i can hear that GPJ low end! Awesome!

Malibuheaven1 says:

Music Heaven On Planet Earth! Grateful.

Jamey Klein says:

Outstanding!! Thank you for this btragal!!

Allen Familia says:

Nice job on the video!

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