Dead & Company – 11/25/17 – Columbus, OH – COMPLETE

Set 1:
Cold Rain and Snow
The Music Never Stopped
Row Jimmy
Me and My Uncle
Cumberland Blues
One More Saturday Night

Set 2:
St. Stephen
He’s Gone
China Cat Sunflower
If I Had the World to Give
I Know You Rider
Stella Blue
All Along the Watchtower
Sugar Magnolia
Sunshine Daydream


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hayden hanes says:


Javier C says:

NICE version of "World to Give" !!
…and I have not seen/ heard too many live versions of it <3

diane wilson says:

Jeffs piano solo that starts at 40 during Cumberland Blues is hot! They keep getting tighter every year and deserve the level of success and sold out tickets that they do.

altheaonthemoon says:

this was a fantastic show.light show was very intense

Kim Humphrey says:

mayer sucks. miss my band.

Tun Nodule says:

IF i had the world to give!! oteil@

Frederick Leatherman says:

Rocking out on Cumberland Blues

bosux redsux says:

my gf thankS u

SopranoAscends C6 says:

Looks like JohnBoy put some product in Mickey's hair. Pretty funny. Great show <3

ThomasTheEncryptic says:

John kills it on Althea, great Me and My Uncle, tight D&S

Ann Zilio says:

just got my summer tic coming from near Toronto Canada

Patrick Moran says:

Nice Row Jimmy..

Long Joncoy says:

The guy's face at 1:16:38 is priceless

Alex Terry says:

I was at this show. Fantastic quality!

Mark Darin says:

Man, John is so good! He makes up for the dying cow that is Bob's singing.

John Doe says:

Time to mute Bob's guitar.  Every song for the past 3 years are tin, ting, ting.

Figs Zz says:

you are doing the lords work, thank you

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