Dead & Company – “Dark Star/Uncle John’s Band” (The Forum, 12/31/15)

Inglewood, CA, 12-31-2015 (New Year’s Eve 2015)

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MJCM saa says:

johnphilbin, Can you upload only uncle johns band. or can you send that one to my email? I love this version so much please!!!

james chandler says:

My first show since 7/9/95..  Wow! All the years combined,melted into a dream!

Terry Adams says:

the show was just fantastic!

Dan Willis says:

Unbelievable. Can't wait for the TOURING TO COME IN 2016!!!

Karl Glos says:

WOW!!! Incredible!!!

Mark Prichard says:

Onward through the fog! Thanks Dead for laying out light to lead the way, again!

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