Dead & Company – Eyes of the World @ Alpine Valley 7/9/16

July 9, 2016 – Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

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Norris Freedman says:

Listening and still smiling. Ahhhh……

Jrodeadhead2002 says:

Highlight of my night! Here's to hoping we get a Fall Tour!

Ten Eighty Media 1800 says:

Brilliant Deal>Eyes…..Mayer is brilliant!

moonshine cookies says:

had a blast ready to do it all again

Daniel Escanaba says:

Thanks for posting Bro.

Cody Hanson says:

had a blast last night! first dead show for me :)

Josh Krawzik says:

eyes was awesome but it's missing the blazing bass solo. nice job tho.

John T says:

Great show. Just got back home safely.  Eyes was awesome.

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