Grateful Dead – Full Concert – 12/31/78 – Winterland (OFFICIAL)

Grateful Dead – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 12/31/1978 – Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 – Interviews
0:28:54 – Countdown / Sugar Magnolia
0:36:05 – Scarlet Begonias / Fire On The Mountain
1:01:09 – Stage Ambience / Announcements / Intro
1:05:44 – Me And My Uncle / Big River
1:14:52 – Stage Ambience
1:17:08 – Friend Of The Devil
1:26:56 – Stage Ambience
1:29:11 – All Over Now
1:37:03 – Stage Ambience
1:38:13 – Announcer Intro
1:40:27 – Stagger Lee
1:47:49 – Announcer Intro
1:49:57 – From The Heart Of Me
1:53:45 – Sunshine Daydream
1:57:13 – Announcer Interviews
2:29:39 – Samson & Delilah
2:36:52 – Stage Ambience
2:38:54 – Ramble On Rose
2:47:09 – Stage Ambience
2:50:17 – I Need A Miracle
3:01:36 – Terrapin Station / Playing In The Band / Not Fade Away
4:05:36 – Around And Around
4:14:19 – Stage Ambience
4:16:54 – Announcer Voice Over
4:27:50 – Dark Star / The Other One / Dark Star / Wharf Rat / St Stephen
5:04:17 – Good Lovin’
5:14:11 – Extended Applause / Announcer Voiceover / Stage Ambience
5:32:35 – Casey Jones / Johnny B. Goode
5:43:36 – Announcer outro

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sunshinenblues says:

reminded me of a movie I liked called “Cannery Row” because of the New
Orleans flavored music. just love it!

sunshinenblues says:

I’m talking about song “I Need a Miracle” – it has a flavor I can’t put my
finger on?

ACDCValdez says:

The best concert of Grateful Dead!!!

Havedy says:

is that senator al franken? weird.

Michael Serrano says:

Unblock Harshly Critical’s video you butthurt peice of shit 

Kim Deleon says:

It is with great pleasure and sincere grooviness I present this to you!

dennis campbell says:

This came out yesterday…..

Dobby Skridlow says:

The Blues Brothers played first

Solo Rei says:

Los Dead, una de las mejores bandas sin duda.

Don Venitsky says:

Clarification: The movie shown at the beginning of the concert was “Animal

Greg Collins says:

Awesome. Thank you!

Manuel Couto says:

Senator Franken,LOL

Ed Daley says:

Who is playing harp? Thanks

DireWolfCichlids says:

I just love listening to 70’s shows!

thejoes25 says:

sounds like someone is tap dancing? WTF?

Adam Walcott says:

9:50 LMFAO

Chehab Ahmed says:

Grateful dead will never dead !

Sara Pena says:

This came out yesterday…..

Ivan Cogo says:

The Dead at there best

David Kallechey says:

Grateful Dead – Full Concert – 12/31/78 – Winterl…:

Luis Martins says:

First comment! Great show.

Harry Kornberg says:

HarpsofThunder says:

Al Fanken is now all screwed up in the Radical violent Christian and
Radical violent Jew ruled American Government.!,War with Iran is straight
ahead and will be a catastrophe with casualties in the tens of millions and
the Isrealis will be under Iranian rule and the Isreali state will be no
more forever.!,Violent Jews,Violent Muslims,Violent Christians are all one
against Jesus and the peaceful will of his God.War is murder and freedom
abuse,Exactly like Cain abused his freedom murdering Abel.All war makers
belong to Cain.!

Daniel OS says:

Al Franken!

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