New Orleans 2-24-2018 Dead & Company News and Review

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knicksTexansFan #1 says:

That joke about otiel aging 30 years during peggy o and friend was fucking gold. Lol.

douglas jardine says:

no offence but since mayer took over its the same thing to me as mac demarco taking over for weir or the new star wars LAME

vw says:

This guy should review everything, not just Dead shows.

Timothy Moran says:

This guy needs to stop! This is heresy!

Dominic Bellone says:

Dean, well done bro. You're spot on, when you say that its more about the jam than the song. I never was really into Throwin' Stones until I heard them do it at Fare Thee Well. If the jam is right, that shit can sound good. On the other hand, sometimes they can be really sluggish these days, mostly Weir. Can you give us more description of the Music Never Stopped mid section jam? That's always a key location of the show where we can access deep emotional sustenance required to move us forward. What's your take on that jam?

C says:

haha love this dude, good humor and the skull cap coming off and seeing the 13 pointer and red and blue. Awesome my man.

Barb Ruggiero says:

OMG…you had me on the floor laughing so hard. Keep the videos rolling , Dean!!! You RAWK…I was DYING…"Mayer gets cockblocked on Sugaree."….I was hurting from laughing so hard. BTW…I was at this NOLA show…the boys were GRATE!!!!!!

bulldog190 says:

Please make more videos of this!

bulldog190 says:

Hilarious stuff man, love it.

Rob Evans says:

LOL- I said the same thing as it happened when Bobby screamed in OMSN… the old days!

Rock n roll joel Rock N Roll Joel says:

Thank you as always ! Right on and you call it as WE see it and hear it !
Love that poop on a stick ! So true w other fans -channels. And my ADDHD did not kick in bc your more to the point than seeing who is signing up and saying hi. As your doing a broadcast ! Thanks dean

M Washington says:

Moving from FB to YouTube to watch your reviews.

Dan Cooper says:

I wanted to hate john i really did but last night wasn't bad.. I'd pick a different set but what ever.. It was cold and raining back in December but it was 75 and Beautiful yesterday. Over all great show and a nice drive into the city with a good friend jamming

HPWY says:

“The taste of water” ✅

jeremy scarsone says:

I love you and your reviews, Dean! Been a fan for about a year not. Just wanted to say thanks and I have to admit I really LOVE that tuckin intro that they do lol. Keep doing what you are doing brother! Hope to see you at sunrise and Orlando!!

Stephen McMennamy says:

very old, but high quality comedy from JM… part 1: part 2:

Mike Nye says:

Your the man!! Subscribed! (~):)

ACE says:

Poop on a popsical
stick and swear it jello puddin'! LMAO

jabo22 says:

"dead don't know how to end songs"… ain't that the truth. love it.

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