5/28/2017 Dead & Company Phoenix, AZ (Full Show)

5/28/2017 Dead & Company, Phoenix, AZ
Filmed in 4K, uploaded in HD.
Thank you “Mike” for Drums and Casey Jones footage.
Thank you “rollin2nyte” for Touch of Grey footage.
The first 3 songs are the pro shot…

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Tom Christian says:

Tight, somewhat restrained.

RED RUM says:

I was there. GREAT SHOW!!

thomas downey says:

Thanks Neil, The quality is awesome!! Love the chemistry. John seems to get better each show. I always thought Bobby had a playing style that is hard to play with. He almost matches the good old days with Jer! Kinda makes me wanna go for that ride again.

mickey clement says:

Thanks I was at this one! Crazy Fingers!

Mark Prichard says:

I was there…MAGIC. Lysergic didn't hurt either.☯️

Alan Vidyadhar says:

Thanks for this. The set list is well played

Ben Rupert says:

Hey Neil. I was wondering if you had or do you know where I could find a good full show of the dead and co at the hollywood bowl night 1. You have night 2 on there which i appreciate greatly but I was looking for night one also.

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