Althea – Dead & Co., JiffyLube Live 6/22/17

Althea – Dead & Co., JiffyLube Live 6/22/17

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phishinfool says:

I was there and it rocked

Trent S. says:

At around the 5:55 mark Jerry makes an appearance on the screen. Gave me goose bumps. Sweet version. Love these guys, hope they keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

wullymamoth says:

my mouth was open for 12 straight minutes of absolute musical bliss. thank you for the upload, my friend

Paul Racko says:

Missing all of Jerry's magic.

Drew Koslow says:

Keyboard solo brought this to the ether! What an amazing show, too bad the cops there were so aggressive.

Uncle Gunk says:

Bill sounds like shit as usual

James Heckman says:

i wasnt a mayer fan until he started playing with bob, bill and mickey…dude can play guitar like a beast and vocals arent too bad either.

charles clark says:

A tune that mayer obviously favors. Certainly a more "jammed" out version than many i saw (probably my favorite song too). Bob was working the slide on the final jam as well. Heck…………..about 3-4 minutes longer than the average version we all saw from my era (85-95)

dubseedz757 says:

I was up front with my Dad !!! One of the best nights ever!!!

Marcos Luna says:

I was watching this live…Im still processing the incredible experience I had

reboottees says:

Who the fuck would name an arena Jiffy Lube? WTF.

Jeff Rogers says:

one of the very few tunes that I've liked every one from Jerry all the way to Dead and Company without needing for me to go through a transition period such as Eyes, Stella, Sugaree.

Rich F. says:

While I understand the longing for the "original" if you can't appreciate this, you're a dunderhead.

Flat Earth Goddess says:

I first heard 'Althea' live in 1980. This rendition certainly brought back memories.Thank you.

Jason Jain says:

Thank You;)!

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