Bertha – Dead and Company 6/26/2016

Dead and Company at Citi Field in Queens, NY 6/26/2016

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Aaron Prince says:

John Mayer rips

Luis F. says:

Love u Donna

Dan Spinogatti says:

You guys are my dads favorite band you are so good so it would be a special day if you sent my dad a greatful dead present please and thank you

Chaz Bickel says:

. Citi Field was the first time i ever saw Donna live, she was awesome!

Aaron Greberman says:

Awesome, go Donna Jean! What an incredible 2 nights at Citi Field.

Young Lee says:

Donna was beautiful all night! What a thrill to have her there!!!!!!

Aaron Levy says:

What a great show! Thanks for sharing!

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