Birthday Boogie Celebrating Phil’s 78th At The Cap!

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Brendan Mason says:

Talk to much

Jonathan Glass says:

This was a great show. Agreed on mental block on drummers that lead sing – seems wrong for some reason.

Phil says:

it was better than the shake-it-down downs :D)))

dodgersdeadhead says:

awesome review the place was insane all three nights what a great run, the crowd was great the combo of the family band is getting tighter. Sco was the master as usual so much love for phil fighting through the flu which was why he was sitting down, Friday show topped the birthday jam which I didnt think was possible but all in all what an amazing run

Daniel Fernald says:

Deadheads are people who appreciate the musical genious
of Jerry Garcia. This "Grateful Dean" promotional Web site
is total nonsense to any real Deadhead. This entire channel
is a shameless paid advertisement. Bob Weir is failing to
to sell-out baseball fields. He's now being forced to book
much smaller venues. He's desperate to sell tickets.
He's marketing. Clever marketing tactics will NOT work on a
clever Deadhead. Bob Weir should go back to Bohemian Brove.
Along with his good friend, Marilyn Manson. There they can both
get drunk on "Wonderweir" (Bob Weir's designer vodka)

todd campbell says:

So right on ur thoughts on Phil.
I had a thought I wanted to share about taking it all in and understanding that, I will say it out loud living on borrowed time. I choose most days to look at it all, Furthur, Dead And Company, Phil & Friends, Stu Allen, Porchester & Terrapin Crossroads, as; first of all an amazing, unimaginable blessing. Meaning we are lucky beyond comprehension, and so blessed; to have the opportunity to STILL in 2018, experience HIGH LEVEL live Grateful Dead music. Most of my friends just smile ear to ear at shows considering it icing on the cake. I was the world's greatest Grateful Dead critic for years but nowadays I bite my tongue when they maybe have an off night & make musical choices or whatnot that i disagree with I know right. How dare they (; i think i will even include JRad strictly on reviews from ears I trust as we aint seen them yet, other than the 101 Furthur shows. As a side note I swear to God there were a number of shows that Joe Russo, THE DRUMMER, actually carried Furthur on his back. i cant remember a whole lotta times that ANY band's drummer carried their band thru a night. Not being as critical at shows as is my nature (; is probably why I enjoy ur reviews so much. I LOVED ur observation that they had played West LA Fade Away as SLOW as humanly possible without actually stopping. That Bob had started his set break nap early during West LA thats fucking great stuff. I took it as my right, my obligation, to criticize The Band objectively and seriously. I learned right away that "having a good show" for me could b independent somewhat from the quality of the music played on the same night. For example im with 20 of my greatest friends all together with room to boogie, my best girl is there & we r clicking effortlessly. I'm having THE TIME with folks I love digging the band tbat Ive chosen to spent a considerable amount of my time with. Now may be that night the band is struggling a bit, still having to get some kinks out or whatever. I mean imo, at least up until 94, even "off" nights for The Grateful Dead would have some worthwhile moments. But anyways a show like I just described I prided myself on being able to separate the subjective & the objective. "I had a GREAT show, the band was ok" Turn it around and i have the perfect example that happened to me. 10/12/84 Augusta Maine. I graduated high school on 1984 & so Fall 84 was my 2nd full tour & i was knowledgeable enough & my love for that music obsessive enough that i understood half way thru set two that what the boys were laying down in front of my eyes was EASILY the best I'd seen them play up until then. Problem was, still being 18, I had overdid it the night before, & had gotten NO REST & i wanted BADLY to be back in my room SLEEPING. I'm literally slapping my face, splashing water on myself to stay awake ?! during 10/12/84. Do u know that show? Amazing audio copies exist. It's available on you tube. Someone shot a video from pretty damn close to where I was that night the video is good not great the audio is better but if ur unfamiliar w/either the show or the video of said show I highly recommend taking a couple hours to watch it ! Yes the board is great & the FOB audience is worth having in addition to the SB version. Phil was blowing speakers. there were moments that it sounded like the band was blowing shit up, that they were a Tsunami that this high school gym in Maine was in WAY over its head attempting to contain. The power, the musical brilliance, the genius & sublime, exquisite interplay between the boys was amazing beyond description, incomparable. My dumb ass is hardly able to stay awake. So NO I didn't have a good show on 10/12/84 and im spite of my "bad show" that night, for me, 10/12/84 is a top 5 show attended- outta 400+ Grateful Dead shows w/Jerry. I was blessed to have caught 64 JGB shows along the way too. Seeing JGB was not unlike going to church, especially
after the Dead got HUGE, & I'm not complaining as i feel strongly that anyone so selfish thay they begrudge newcomers on tour that unless they got on the bus in 1965 they'd better smile & make room. Damn I promised I wouldn't let this one get away from me. Mission failed. Last thing have you noticed that Phil actually appears to get younger while performing on stage ? If you have had the pleasure of hanging out or even just saying hi for 10 seconds at Crossroads or wherever. He's pretty accessible these days. Anyways in person, off stage Phil is getting old & the fact that Phil is old is PLAIN as day. But also
he truly seems to lose 15/20 years when playing music onstage. I mean I've noticed this on more than a few occasions. He literally appears YOUNGER while performing. his physical appearance, his movements & mannerisms. . . I'm the last one that folks refer to as hippy dippy. Even back in the day when I was sporting LONG ass hair I was ALWAYS A Deadhead but not much of a hippie (; so I report this observation fully cognizant how it may sound & i would answer check it out. Go see a show at Phil's space Terrapin Crossroads. Better than even odds up there one will spend some time with Phil and observe the transformation. You ain't gotta b a spinner to believe in the power of THAT MUSIC, that it can very well act as an elixir, especially for Phil, who is an integral part of that music . . .

todd campbell says:

First off i love your reviews, insights. Somewhere you mentioned that 85 was ur x1st year, no ? My 1st was 8/7/82 Alpine Valley mns > sugared > mns. I was a kid. My older Deadhead buddies took me 7 hrs from Detroit. I didn't know anything about anything , but MAN what am experience. No lie people parachuted into the show ! I went to 8/8/82 as well of course & i never missed an Alpine Valley run. Understanding there r some critical of 1985 it was my FAVORITE year of the years I went. I was a fanatic , catching just over 400 from 82>94. I'm pretty certain that the boys played the largest repertoire in 85. I mean Hershey Park, hands down the best MNS of the 80s & 90s. Bird Song > Comes A Time > Deal to close set one. Greek 85. Spectrum 85. You mentioned the 91 Halloween show in ur New Orleans review. I missed that one but was blessed with 2 Dead Werewolves in Columbia SC Halloween 85 & in London Halloween 90. Back to 85. That Halloween followed by the two Richmond shows were incredible. Tied for the "BEST three in a row run" with Nassau 1990. The Greeks 85 runs just behind in tbat category of mine Best three in a row run s. Apologies for my upcoming Tolstoyian msg but there is a reason which will be revealed . . . In 85 we get Thats it For The Other One. They break it out on a Sunday afternoon at The Greek & my dumb ass not yet fully understanding "West coast Dead energy" I'm looking around flabbergasted as Jerry sings "The Other Day I Waited. . ." wondering what's wrong w/these people ? Dont they realize what is happening. It actually got quieter As the wizened old heads in Berkeley plugged in to LISTEN smiled condescending @ me. Hartford 83, at my 13th show as the band played St Stephen, now tbat reaction I understood as a novice. Eventually I learned to LOVE & appreciate both the elitest West coast vibe AND the drunken "Dark Star Jerry" vibe but stayed SLIGHTLY partial to the homey, kinda mix of both coasts felt in my Midwest. 1985 gave us Keep On Growing, Comes A Time, Crazy Fingers. I get that Jerry came onstage often wearing the same food stained shirt from the night before, he didn't smile a lot but the music speaks for itself. Remember in 86 at The Greek Jerry bounds on stage all tan, wearing shorts and says something like "Hi Deadheads how y'all doing ?" We r like who is that man. Last thoughts to try and prove a point. I LOVED shows PERIOD from 83 till about 92. 1993 imo was the last year of any GREAT shows. 1993 Cal Expo Cassidy > UJB > Cassisy run is exhibit A. 94 & 95 not so much. I missed 95 but have listened to enough of the canon that year to feel I confident in my critique. It wasn't a great year. Visions Of Johanna seemed to shine but over all. 85 though man just seems to ring the truest in my memory. Hershey Park, Starlight Theatre (probably my favorite venue, I saw them there in 84 & 85). 85 Red Rocks the night they broke out the Hey Jude Coda. Austin 85 so many. Three things I can say with 100% certainity concerning Grateful Dead music. As I mentioned 6/28/85 Best MMS of the 80s. Augusta 84 best Morning Dew of the 80s. That show 10/12/84 is easily one of THE SHOWS I ever saw outta 412. HIGHLY underrated, though I did see it ranked in the top 10 ALL TIME in some publication or another ? I mean the final On The Road Again. Set one was great but set two was epic, for the ages. CRS > Lost >Saint > Dont Need Love > UJB > Drums > Space > Playing Reprise (from the night before, they had never done tbat) > UJB reprise > Morning Dew. Yes closing a show with The Dew became a regular thing but it was unusual then-coming outta space was its, for lack of a better word, normal placement. Just PITB Reprise, UJB Reprise Dew (Good Lovin encore) and it's as strong an outta space finish as these guys did. Another thing I know that similar to wines and the vernacular associated with wine afficianos The Good Ole Grateful Dead brought a, if @ times only slightly, different sound to each year. Getting close, FINALLY, to what I line to discuss with u, I was surprised noticing that Dead And Company had a difference in their "phrasing" "spacing" look im no expert on musical vernacular but I know what i know and the pauses, THE SOUND has, I don't know, evolved for them even from late last year compared to Mexico, New Orleans & Florida. I was pleasantly surprised. Hell lets be real we r BLESSED beyond comprehension to be able to listen to Grateful Dead music played live at such a high level in 2018 ! It couldn't of been predicted especially how long it took for The guys to reach THAT SOUND again. It took them, & lots of us, A LONG TIME to stop mourning Jerry. I believe 100% that not until Furthur, this finally, is what i wanna discuss Grateful Dean; did that sound that magic appear on a consistent level. Of course prior to Furthur with TOO, The Dead, Ratdog, Phil & Friends there were moments but suddenly with Furthur BAM it was back. I KNEW cause my ears work well for one, also my friends, many of them older than me, Heads w/70s shows under their belt were, as opposed to seeing a show or two, sightseeing-they were BACK ON TOUR. The old heads and beautifully, refreshingly kids born too late to have met Jerry but who I learned definitely KNEW him. I was skeptical, NO DOUBT. DSOs guitarist ? A fucking guitarist from a Dead cover band ? It was undeniable quickly. Furthur brought it. I saw them 101 times. That's what i wanna know; my wife tells me u didn't review Furthur shows & she's pretty sure u didn't go ? I ask because with Dead And Company i was at least as skeptical as i was about Furthur initially, when hearing the lineup. No Phil ? JOHN FUCKING Mayer ? But by the end of the 1st set at my 1st show I KNEW tbat they brought THAT sound too. I'm not gonna say I don't still miss Phil Oteil is a fine bassist he's just not Phil. While LOVING the drummers Joe Russo was one of the best drummers ive heard & so a band minus Billy & Mickey hurts Russo ALMOST made up for it. A band minus Phil on the other hand . . . So I guess I'm curious what u think of Furthur ? I wrote this novel length msg hoping u'd see that one thing I do know is The Grateful Dead (; I am certain that Furthur's body of work, the music from, I guess, 4yrs of touring is the most important music added to The Dead's canon post Garcia. So far I prefer Furthur to Dead And Company but its not an issue im unmoveable on. I've only seen like 6 Dead And Company Shows but my wife and I r packing up our babies and doing the summer tour. Racquel is THE BOMB. Younger than me a TRUE Deadhead that was born too late to see Jerry. We met at a Phil And Friends show at
THE Warfield and I'm blessed to be married to a woman who suggests Dead And Company summer tour ? Anyways seems at least two of my friends whose opinion I value prefer Dead And Co over Furthur. As I said I don't. Furthur played smaller venues, had a larger song repitoire at their same point in the bands history, and Furthur had Phil. Still in intrigued by the maturation of Dead And Company in such a short time period. JOHN Mayer plays the music respectfully, with imagination, a sense of, adventure and for sure confidently & competently. Anyways if, and i doubt it, u read this tirade & wanna debate that'd b cool. We can move beyond today to "really" important issues (; like why, contrary to majority opinion both 1976 & 1978 are better years than the fabled 1977 for The Dead. It's an easy argument that i win after taking out Cornell 77. Obviously tgat is One of THE SHOWS but I'd argue with the Cornell exception 77 all sounds kinda the same. That 76 & 78, for different reasons wete just better played and more interestingly player than 77 . . . B well enjoy the rest of ur Sunday

Bill Nottingham says:

So luv the reviews brother, thanks for the laughs the facts the opinions and the over all enthusiasm you show for the music .
Keep on Keepin' on #LYLT

Brian Souliere says:

the mayor gets a 50 dollar parking tix, wtf!!, didnt have chappys placard hanging from the mirror i guess…haha "pop rock, country Ripple"

Pete Greenway says:

Thanks for the review. You must be making a killing on these! LOL.

Shad McCollum says:

the Stu Gotz is strong with Dean on that intro lol. love the content keep it coming!

Dave Downs says:

Dean , Love you long time . Thanks for your service to the Dead world , love the honesty one show at a time . Keep on keeping on .Look forward to maybe meeting up at lockn & catching a meeting .Fuck you very much- Dave

Patrick Dunham says:

Masons is a top 10 GD song.

36 Gemini says:

Sounds like a good show! It's good to get the recap now that I know your sense of humor!

Josh Geller says:

I think your reviews need to be reviewed :)

Brbadge says:

Good one! Yea I thought that Dew was strong.

john madory says:

You are just a capitalist, running peeeg dawg…you should be forced to follow the force and report upon it honestly. No one's more critical than the " Dedicated". He'll man,…your energy is great when describing Phil. Great friggin bizzzzzzy-buzzz-buzz!

Dominic Tringale says:

Was at the Cap Center in '90 for Phil's 50th B-day ..what a time we had!

A Co says:

Best thing about this video is your Ted Baker shirt.

NewPaltz75 says:

Amazing Phil – and thanks for the great review!!!!!

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