Bob Weir – What’s In My Bag?

Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir goes shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. His latest album ‘Blue Mountain’ is available on Sony Legacy Records.

Check out his picks:
Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue (LP)
Wilco – Schmilco (LP)
Howlin’ Wolf – Blues From Hell (LP)
Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues Band – Sacred Island (CD)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (LP)
Bessie Smith – The Essential Bessie Smith (CD)
John Coltrane – Africa / Brass (CD)
John Coltrane – Coltrane (CD)

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Grill Cheese It


Annie Veasey says:

his outfit is such a mood

Dorthy Slotwinski says:


kyle ciarrocchi says:

bobbys such a jazz nerd! love the dead and bob weir is so damn cool

kyle ciarrocchi says:

best #2 of all time! bobbys got such a good music taste

bodeswell35 says:

Ever notice how many of these jokers buy Coltrane so's they can look legit?

Will Bement says:

he looks like young bbb weir wearing old prosthetics

Jose Villarreal says:

Thank you Weir! For all the great performances you gave and give us . Especially, the slide you played on Althea in summer of '89 @Alpine Valley. I was there and it was everything a 16yr old guitarists could ever dream of grooving to with his girlfriend on a magical summer night with the Dead in full swing.

Mohammed Trachen says:

He knocked on my door once to ask me about a neighbor of mine and I told him that he passed away. He was really down to earth and I invited him to have tea with me. He accepted..

One Pan Fan says:

That's neat, esp. Bob's love for the jazz.

muvyscnes says:

i know it's you Bruce Dern, so cut the crap.

Alberto Ortega says:


kmasterjoe says:

That guy has been to every Dead show!!!

Berke Beidler says:

I just appraised and cleaned a bunch of Bob's stuff at the record shop I work at. He's such a chill dude. I want more people to get into his old stuff, it's insanely good.

Seth Seabolt says:

Yeah Wilco!!

ffsf739 says:

"Blue mountain" is a HELL of an album!

ralph bock says:

Good stuff.

winslow wong says:

Rocking the Jandals

Victor JM says:

a homeless person

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