Bowling In Hollywood Take 2!

Bowling In Hollywood Take 2!

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Chris Larson says:

I can always count on you for telling it like it is without any of the bullshit fluff. Thanks for your fun reviews

Richard Kaylor says:

You're the man, Dean! Look forward to your reviews after each show (was at the bowl night 1 btw.)

leoluck68 says:

Fuck me too brother! Keep up ur good shit

Dylan Johnson says:

Man, I'm enjoying these videos much more than the D and Co shows. Thanks for making them happen!

Zev Gur says:

I love your reviews brother….your funny as shit and I get your humor/references – me love you long time….I'll be your roving reporter from the scene at the Bowl: The sound quality of that place is epic…I was in front of the sound board and every note was clear as can be. The colors/visuals, while were enhanced for me, were stellar and matched the music really well making it groovy. Shakedown scene before and after was quite lively and fun…..the crowd had a bit too many people talking/taking selfies, but shit, this is LA, what do you expect. Great shows with the boys firmly in the pocket.

Jonathon Long says:

Loved this. Loved the shows. You got another sub here.

Dylan English says:

Anyone else hear the other one teases on intro to I think it must have been Truckin ?
I was sure they were going to do.other one

David Specht says:

It was a good review ‘ your rad

firstube says:

Dud and company blows

Randy Hospodar says:

Dean, you want HAM at the end. 10/10! #LYLT!

Rob Cedar says:

Thought you were cooking right along…great review.

Matthew Funk says:

Woah brother bear, ease up on the reign's. I thought this review was as good as ever. My couch tours wouldn't be complete without your insight and knowledge. Much love man, keep em comin

Samuel Jonathan says:

Dude you transcended once again with the end of this review. I agree, what the fuck are we even talking about anymore? why are people even talking? What’s left to talk about? Who cares what they play. It matters not. This shit is taking its final form as we speak. they’re bound to fuck it up but it bounces right the fuck back every time. So EVERYBODY shut the mother fuck up. And let this shit roll. There’s nothing you, I or anyone could say that could mean as much as some of the moments that have transpired on the tour so far. I’ll cherish this shit forever.

Engineer Cat says:

This review sucked. LMAO. Will we come back for the next one…. YES :) None of your reviews suck bro. Love the love you give to the shows. Sometimes the show needs a tough love review!

Tim Roche says:

Right on. (Hi Dean). Now get back truckin on! You are our officially unofficial spokesman for all things grateful and for that we love you long time!

Michael Bisignano says:

Love when Dean says “For those of you new to the music”

T. Max Hall says:

I was afraid you weren't going to post it there for a minute. Thanks Dean!!!

Marc Berlin says:

Love your reviews Dean – Rock on brother !!

DeaD Head New Hampshire says:

Ya, good reminiscing.
89 L.A. Forum waaybad scene, yes a 17 year old bro' from N.H. was murdered by brutal billy club toting public servant wearing blue, Pat S. had just consumed a whippit…national offense at the time, super smart kid with unlimited potential and future..
Remember Pittsburgh 89 tough times in Deadland….
Then Adam K, so and so forth.
We remember with love and miss you guys…..

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