China Doll – Dead and Company November 14, 2017

Night 2 of the fall tour for Dead and Company at Madison Square Garden In New York City on Tuesday November 14, 2017

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Ann Zilio says:

Thanks for posting

AnnMarie Santaniello says:

Blown Away by this! What a show – love these guys!!!! Thanks for the upload.

DocRich99 says:

Dude – frigging awesome clip! One of many highlights from last night's monster show – Thanks so much for posting. Oteil's singing, JM's solo – brings this up to an emotional pitch – riveting.

Barb Ruggiero says:

I love Jerry…he IS the DEAD. CHINA DOLL one of my all time faves. Jerry NEVER sang it like Oteil…I'm blown away EVERY time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Travilla says:

Such an awesome time. Although Bob and Mickey look sleepy.

Jamey Klein says:

Thank you Sean Roche! GRATE stuff!!

Bill Catozzi says:

That's gotta be the BEST one so farThis whole show just killed!

Gary Davidson says:

Oteil's the man!

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