“China Doll” Dead & Co. 6/30/17 Wrigley Field Chicago IL

Dead & Company “China Doll” Wrigley Field Chicago, IL 6/30/17

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Jay Orazi says:

Heavenly. Thanks Oteil

Matt Bauman says:

So happy this iteration of the Grateful Dead came together.. I saw Jerry and Brent, but not Pigpen.. Otiel and Mayer are part of us now. I think this band might last forever!

Batman11838 says:

I think I'mon my sons account but my husband and I were there for both shows in Chicago that weekend and I BAWLED when Oteil sang this…gorgeous.

Jill Silnes says:

Haunting and beautiful, thank you for posting!

Azaremba1 says:

Oteil nailed it. Not much more to say. Great show.

Azaremba1 says:

What a show what a night. China Doll mid second set out of left field (literally) was a set highlight. Well one of them along with Terrapin immediately after as well as hearing a Help > Franklin's to end the set. Great video, thanks for posting. Goose bumps.

maggie d. says:

Thank you! I've been looking everywhere for recordings of this night! Best of tour

Daveyboy says:

Had chills when they started this,,and a couple times throughout it…

Chuck Howe says:

I have been an Oteil fan for over 25 years. It took me a while to warm up to Meyer. He's gotten really good. He's close, not exactly there yet, but really close, and moments like me tell me he's going to get there and beyond…

Mc Daniels says:

such a beautiful song. Oteil, well done.

Lisa Jaenicke says:

chills, they did this the Jerry way for sure, even sounds like him!

Shawn Larock says:

this was the my highlight for both nights,woke up sat. morning and it was on my mind!

sonowyno says:

Finding that place between despair and hope. Reminds me a bit of some other guy that used to sing this.

Jamie Pickard says:

Watched this last night and honestly can't get it out of my brain. Absolutely amazing.

lynne jordan says:

Oteil sounds terrific. Thanks for this video. I was there and it feels so good to see these memories…

Blake Whittington says:

Best song lastnight

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