Cold Rain N Snow – Dead and Company 7-2-2016

Folsom Field Boulder, Colorado .. outstanding views of the late afternoon sky and the mountains.. I wanted to dance but had to film!!

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Glenda J says:

Thankyou beautiful beings of many moons <>()<>

Gwen Isenhouer says:

You were close to us….we were section 118 row 59…had so much fun!

Michael C. says:

Thanks for posting. It was a great weekend and many good songs … but this was particularly welcome and nice!!

Michael Nussbaum says:

Thanks for filming and posting!

mpizzy says:

I'm getting a divorce when o get home!! Ain't gonna be treated this a way!!!

Thomas Peffer says:

i married and thats right, she been trouble all my life… should have listend to the guy who said don't do it

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