Comes A Time – Dead and Company June 24, 2017

Dead and Company at Citi Field in Corona, Queens, New York City on June 24, 2017. Oteil on lead vocals.

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bluegills2 says:

Quite simply…John Mayer at his best.

Dennis Yusko says:

bell tower beauty

Merek Dorf says:

Special !…a simple gift for the people.

Cathy Flaherty says:

…sorry but that does not EVEN come close to the real deal…. I am so happy I was around to see twenty five years of "the grateful dead"…Party on garth

Freedog13 says:

Another wonderful chapter. Oteil has a fan for life with me.

Peter Collins says:

hairs on my neck standing up.

Jerryjeffelvis says:

…….wow damn do they sell Oteil shirts

chels pelleti says:

amazing so glad I was able to see this live

Toni Francis says:

Oteil sends shivers up my spine when he sings.

Asuka Baka says:

This was one of the best Dead shows I've been too. Beautiful voice..

Dom D says:

i am a late jerry kid i was so young in the 90s and only got to see shows from 93-95. I have been on the bus since then and never looked back. This song has always held much meaning in my life and got me through crazy times. This is no different and what a surprise last Saturday night. such an awesome show and Oteil did it justice. haters gonna always hate

Diana Austin says:

Oteil <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Brilliant!

Thomas Bell says:

Quite possibly the saddest song ever written.

Johnny A says:

Damn !!!!!! very nice.

roflcookies says:

Oteil would be perfect to sing To Lay Me Down

Johnnie Haygood says:

Pure magic!!

Tim Jackson says:

Tour debut of this song!!

CharlieHipHop says:

That was one of the high points of a great show.

BOBBY D says:

Oteil sings with soul and has a mellow tone. Like Jerry did !

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