“Comes A Time” Dead & Co. 6/24/17 New York

Dead & Company ‘Comes A Time’ @ Citi Field in New York on 6/24/17

Oteil Burbridge – lead vox, bass

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Jack Straw says:

he really loves being up there. it shows. I was there. go cubs. happy b day captain

David Ryder says:

Dang … he's got the best voice of 'em all.

Scott Licht says:

in a word…. WOW!

Stephen Jones says:

wow wow wow !!!

Jordan Waibel says:

Ty for sharing! beautiful.

Tim Hernandez says:

It's about time!

Pearl B says:

Emotional moment. ABB underutilized his talents.

Stuck in Ohio says:

Saw the Great One do this Kansas and Oakland 1991, John's playing is pretty sweet here at the end

Timothy Flynn says:

Sing….Sing….Sing…..Sing…..Sing….sing your ass of Oteil. Love it!!!!!!!

Quazi says:

now just need a Stella Blue sung by the great Otiel

Jamey Klein says:

I wish there was a LOVE button! They are letting Oteil sing this tour, and it's awesome!! Thank you Matt, great vids!

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