David Sylvian – I Have Waited For You

David Sylvian with Andrea Chimenti

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Guillen Ramon says:

David Sylvian est un artiste majeur

Phillip Johnson says:

{{{ }}} Your video demonstrates useful concepts in shared Spiritual Technologies. Welcome to ZENOPHILE Magazine.
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lee mappley says:

Most beautiful day

DollyBYNIgHT Crying at the Discoteque says:

Adoro David symbian sono cresciuta con la sua musica

mark Horobin says:

beautiful song

Aleksandar Simunovic says:

for my Kirsty M. from bottom of my heart…

sono innocente says:

le mie lacrime per un segno di PACE

Carlo Bosa says:

Grazie David, poeta ermetico, ci tocchi l'anima.

harveytg says:

That raised eyebrow is hilarious.

Karl Hainer says:

Gorgeous song

Ola Grochala says:


Mazatzin Infante says:

David sylvian te amo <3

Whiskywolf Trinker says:

lupo di mare

Ivan Spruce says:

Even for a God like you there are certain restrictions in music. Please don't do the Manafon thing again ! keep it real like secrets of the B x

consuelo fibbi says:

Effettivamente complimenti per traduzione italiana io perfeziono l'italiano degli univetsitari americani… very good translation! That's song is great !not only this I love em all!

99Nars says:

dat italian part <3

moousse56 says:

Sorry!  I meant the Andrea Chimenti 'contribution'  Duh!

moousse56 says:

Do ya not think its shite only when the other guy 'sings'/ puts his two penith in?  i do.  Its got a good thang goin on apart from, i presume, the Messenger cotribution. Just saying.

Gwyllm Llwydd says:

Beautiful Work.

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