Dead and Co “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Chula Vista 2018

Dead and Company perform a lovely cover of the Eric Clapton classic, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” at their Chula Vista show on July 6, 2018. What a nice way to end an amazing concert! Bandleader, Bob Weir, performs a delicate acoustic guitar solo, while lead guitarist, John Mayer, lends a soaring electric guitar solo, and the two share vocal duties, with help from the rest of the band on the haunting chorus. Jeff Chiamenti’s piano is incredibly lyrical. Pure beauty!

If you haven’t gone to see this band play yet, you are missing out!

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Özgür Koç says:

Hey guys just to make it clear this song is NOT one of Clapton's songs. Its written by Bob Dylan and covered by a lot of people including Clapton.

If anything Clapton kinda ruined the song :D

Anyway this looks like a cool festival.

Love you guys :)

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