Dead And Company Dallas Texas 12-01-2017 Set 2

Dead And Company Dallas, Texas 12-01-2017, Set 2, Here Comes Sunshine, Scarlet, Fire, Eyes, Drums/Space, Dear Prudence, The Wheel, Casey Jones

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Daniel Trumm says:

Love me some Sunshine

Thomas Bell says:

Beautiful recording….best of audience and band members. Thanks a ton Freak Flag!  Eyes of the World just may be the highlight of my life.

xph1l1 says:

This band keeps getting better with every show they play. Bobby's voice has drastically improved since the 2016 tour and this new interplay between John and Jeff is awesome. Jeff and John's faces say it all at 1:16:39

Tina Prescott says:

Looking forward to the Orlando show.

Alex Vanroth says:

Doodle doodle. SO BORING.

Corey Sandoval says:

So happy that the music and spirit is still truckin' on. If Jerry could see this, wherever he is, I think he'd be smiling.

Jonas Conrad says:

1:25:59 – Casey Jones! FUCK!!

Babette Dickson says:

bob you very lucky to have johnny. james brown also like to have two drummers.

Tim Livingston says:

Excellent video, I was at the show so SO glad to have this, thanks so much for uploading!

Erik Christensen says:

If they do Samba on the Rain Friday with Chimenti on lead vocals, my life will be complete

telecasterblues1952 says:

Many thanks for uploading! Fantastic show…I was down front and this video helps me relive it. Do you have the first set as well?

Laura Pa says:

This was AWESOME! Thank you SO MUCH!! One of the BEST SHOWS YET! ❤️

Brett Lazor says:

Thank you for uploading this!!! That Casey Jones was a fuckin' barn burner!

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