Dead and Company Live at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas – 5/27/2017 Full Show VID

Set 1:
The Music Never Stopped
Dire Wolf
Jack Straw
Friend of the Devil
Brown Eyed Women
Bird Song

Set 2:
Playing in the Band
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider*
Space Drums Space
The Other One
Black Peter
One More Saturday Night

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Playin’ Reprise

Setlist Notes:
* – With Midnight Rider Tease

Thank you to Kk on Periscope for the feed –

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Jack Underwood says:

Who is the bass player

Jonathan Banks says:

I was at this show and am now giving a critical re-listen(s). I did not and do not hear the Midnight Rider tease listed in the setlist here. Any one have a time stamp?

Mimi Hodgkins says:

So nice of you to credit Kk, aka @sweetsweethickory. Thank you for this!

Spiraling Love says:

They played every song I would want to hear. Especially China/rider <333333

Bill Johnson says:

I went to this Vegas Show and I loved it very good sound nice and loud good lights it looked like we won the jack pot on Deal

lily charty says:

The tale of the Grateful Dead is inspiring, complicated, and downright messy.Live Show Grateful ➡ ✔ Long Strange Trip (2017) ✔

Bas Vossen says:

thanks Jerome, great sound

Bryan Palmer says:

The versions of Jack Straw and Bird song is Gold.

Bhudahly says:

UUUGGGHHH im supossed to be at the hollywood bowl they startt in 30 mins or so…anybody know of a stream?

Jill Silnes says:


That Larry Guy says:

Thanks for posting. Really good show.

Clyde W. Phillips Jr. says:

Yep reprizin this as Summer Tour 2017 debut~! Couch tour, being there a Wrigley, lovin it all!@

Thomas Eaton says:

BTW the best seat is not necessarily right in front of John.
Sitting in the very back you get the amazing trippy videos and the equally fun to watch crowd!!!!

RichsVidSharingChan says:

thanks! best audio I've heard so far (except for NUGS feed of the first few songs). Definitely some high points here and they got better as the night wore on, but some definitely seemed flat to me. I'm sure the news about Greg played into it – especially for Oteil who was as solid as ever, but not the jaw dropping performance I expect. Maybe they've just created a standard too high for themselves after last year, but this one didn't come off like the first show of last summer (PNC Pavillion in NC) which IMO has some of D&Co's best performances.

cool epic gamer says:

Nice, thanks for sharing!

Merlin Mililli says:

lovinutapers! thanks for this! happy summer!

Scott Cohen says:

8 webcasts coming this summer

Thomas Eaton says:

I was there. God Bless the Dead. You can never have more fun than a Dead show. I. pray the music never stops

1eggcream says:

Can't they PLEASE offer the shows for video streaming so we can all enjoy it? Where's Nug's when you need them?

Mike Gancarz says:

Many thanks for the quick upload! Loving the show. F@%k Chris Robinson – Mayer is awesome…long live this music!

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