Dead and Company, Scarlet Begonias, Fire On the Mountain July 2, 2016 Boulder, CO

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Grill Cheese It


Mc Huelis says:

Bob and Mayer looked at you at the same time. Then John did again. wowwwww, idk how you kept the camera so steady

liz lockwood says:

At 5:01 you can see Bobby looking at Mayer with a "that's something different" look like Jerry's here then he goes into his old school moves like when he was playing with Jerry and some years fell off his face. Then at 12:17 to about 24 Bob, Mayer and Mickey are checking out the heads dancing in our corner right behind this camera. Thanks for getting such rare footage. I've never seen Bob check out the audience before and I saw the Dead over 76 times in the 80's.

d. simpson says:

complete insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*!

RatDog67 says:

KILLER Scarlet Jam…. That old energy… That give and take… CHILLS!!!! A killer Jam like that and we're still headin into the Fire,——and we all know he's going to leave it all on the bar room floor…. People best be prepared for this shit… You don't want to go having a heart attack or something… ALPINE VALLEY THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

Kimock7 says:

12:45 John looks right at the camera twice

Mimi Hodgkins says:

Superb…superb, superb!

Glenda McCue says:

I think I heard my sons' whistle, He is there, Wish I were!!!!!

Mimi Hodgkins says:

My god Karen, you must have been going NUTS!

Chris Donahue says:

Thanks for getting this up so fast!! The scarlet jam is outstanding!!

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