Dead & Co 11/12/17 MSG Bertha [4K/PCM]

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Grill Cheese It


Daniel Kozla says:

John Mayer found a home where he belongs! His guitar work in this song is something really special!

Chris Caveny says:

Bobby's pretty active here. kickin the leg, movin around

Joe Summa says:

3:45 to 3:55 is the reason why you want him in this band

Music Junkie says:

The five idiots that thumbed this down "don't you come around here anymore"!!!!!!

Robert Harmon says:

I was at the show last nite….they were on fire all night…..outstanding

Braydon Peterson says:

My birthday was yesterday on Nov 12. I was at jiffy lube last year in bristow VA what a great show similar set list. John Otiel and jeff hold it down. Please come to Boulder this spring we would love another 2 day. It thanks Bobby Bill and Mickey for trusting ly passing the torch. May it stand the test of another 50 years!!

Grateful Shed says:

Great show ! My first Grateful Dead show was in 1977 , John Mayer fits like a glove and has shown us all the great respect he has for Jerry Garcia…. last night was awesome and magical for us all !

Hollywood Joe87 says:

last night was so fuckin awesome the boys were on fire all night long

August West says:

Got to be there in Austin.

casey jones says:

Great video man! Can't wait for Columbus

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