Dead & Co 11/12/17 MSG CHINA CAT/RIDER [4K/PCM]

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Arcot Ramathorn1 says:

I wish I was a headlight so I can go back to 77 the year I was born, but this is just supurb. Supurb

Arcot Ramathorn1 says:

Sorry mick and billy, but this ain't ur gig anymore. I've seen them getting slower since my first show in 91 but being old is no excuse.

rollin2nyte says:

What did you record that off? Picture is amazing.

Charles chasmo says:

good show don't understand why drummers playing so many slow beats to songs makes them drag guitars sound good

August West says:

Went to show last night..If that was a warm up I can't wait to see the rest.Feel like they are at there best in 30 years!

August West says:

Just warming up. First show. Hoping they keep up the energy.

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