Dead & Co 11/12/17 MSG They Love Each Other [4K/PCM]

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Henrik Lindland says:

7:05 Gotta love Boobys reaction when JM nails those high notes.

Keith Barry says:

I was at this show in the pit and had an amazing time. Truly transcendent at times. But damn the talking in the video. Hard to really be one with the music when you hear every third word of a chat. Thanks for uploading the great video though! Hope people in the future are less chatty, but I fear it's only going to get worse…

James Fisher says:

Man I know TLEO is a tad slow but the crowd banter is unbelievable. Bobby says STFU "Is the Band interrupting your conversation?"

WeTalk440 says:

That subtle slip by Bob at 5:21 reminds us how good these guys are, even if they aren't perfect.

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