Dead & Co. at Citi Field – St. Stephen

Night 2 of Dead & Company at Citi Field. June 26, 2016

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Isle says:

John mayers got the best gig in the world right now… filling in for Jerry while he flies… that's my dream job. However, he's got some giant shoes to fill

Logz21 says:

oteil is killiing it

MissScarlett27 says:

Oteil is the man!

Robert Desanta says:

I was tripping so hard for this,it was amazing

Min Golann says:

thank you for a real real good time………….band appeared ego-less, and in sync.

melissa tiernan says:

I am a die-hard Phil fan and I am loving, loving having Oteil on board! Thank you!!! And thanks for posting this view!

jingbee-1967 says:

Love Oteil!! Nice Lightning bolt at CF too!

Peter McCoid says:

Best band on our planet!

bodhi heeren says:

Thx for posting. And thx for creative and amazing bass :-)

Michael Stoko says:

Wow, you guys are blowing stuff up this tour! Even compared to last fall, it's on another level. Where would it go if the band started writing? Thank you, and I second the bolt!!!

Travis Elswick says:

Even at the Cinnci show Oteil is not loud enough. I couldn't hear him until second set. You figure filling Phil's place one would have a prominent bass. Not that it's his fault.

dubseedz757 says:

I was at the Bristow show!!! You guys were so sick!!!!!!!

NYC Bed Bug Inspections says:

Ps: just realized who posted this. I'm sure i'm not the only one who would love to see more video's like this…Oteil Cam, love it. Btw, i've nicknamed your bass the 'Green Monster'.

NYC Bed Bug Inspections says:

First set, opening song, you blew me away….again. Thank you, very, very, very GRATEFUL. Peace & Love 4 Ever :)

Paul Speaker says:

Well this is quite good, but what happened to the lyrics of "Stephen prospered in his time, well he may and he may decline. Did it matter, does it now? Stephen would answer if he only knew how." – Musically charged song, yet in my opinion a pretty big mistake for such an anthem song. Sorry guys, love you. Maybe you can sing it better for us at Fenway in Boston?

Joseph Piccininni Jr says:

thanks for posting! I was on a long line in the p-lot when you guys opened with St. Stephen. Couldn't believe my ears. We were jamming out there. THANK YOU. PS AWESOME SINGING on GDTRFB

kevinreedmusic1 says:

Thanks for posting, see you guys tonight!

Eric Sczuka says:

Thanks so much for posting sounds great man

Michael Jenn 1 says:

Had a lot of fun last night !!! Citi field is beautiful. Oteil cracks me up lol. Love the lightning bolt hairdo lol

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