Dead & CO, Black Muddy River, Boulder, CO July 2, 2016

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Grill Cheese It


C K says:

saw it live. never thought I would. so grateful

Bryan Palmer says:

Mayer keeps the spirit of Jerry alive on this one.

Chris Caveny says:

amazing show, almost cried here

Scott Vacha says:

This was one of the best shows I've seen yet. The second was great, but the thrid with he's gone into smokestack lighting was over the top!!!! just have to say I'm so grateful to have been 30 feet back from center stage. It was an unforgettable weekend. Thank you guys. One Love

Doug Lynch says:

I pride myself on giving credit where credit is due, and John Mayer does justice to this tune, both with his singing and his playing. Thumbs up! His sincerity , talent, and effort are commendable.

Elijah Carroll says:

so grateful

Harris says:

I wish I lived out there still, but I guess Fenway will have to do :)

Mimi Hodgkins says:

Karen, I'm SO GRATEFUL TO YOU! As always, you did a superb job. I don't know how you held the camera so still…you had to have been crying…this is so beautiful.

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