Dead & Co Deliver a Doozy at Dodger Stadium!

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Grill Cheese It


geezloueeze says:

"They are like musical raccoons or something." LOL. Well said.

one one says:

I like how Bob has the child barrier up to keep Maher away. Smart thinkin.

Pevsfreedom says:

I'm from LA and moved to OR recently. Saw them in Eugene. Watched the LA show on Youtube and god damn I wish I was back home and was able to make that one. 2nd set was just beyond awesome.

Will Cate says:

Thank you Dean… this makes me all the more hopeful looking forward to LockN Fest

seangeorgeable says:

Nice Tshirt!!!

mickey clement says:

I was in the pit and it was an edgy, hot, beautiful experience. Did you notice Bill's backward hat during set 2? Strap In!!!

Timothy Forkes says:

This guy doesn't know shit about Los Angeles. I was at the show in Chula Vista and it was great. I had planned on the Dodger Stadium show. I like Los Angeles, enjoy much it has to offer, the people in particular who are very seldom "plastic" or "fake." Just for the record Miami and New York City have more body enhancements (plastic titties) than L.A. Many Angelenos like being healthy, like hiking, surfing, swimming, diving, and yes, going to a gym. And to be accurate there are far more people in L.A> that look like this fat fuck.

Marcia K says:

At the very end, didn't someone say "party at John's house"?

Marcia K says:

And Bill flipped that Magic Hat around at the beginning of Drumz! WHOA!!!

Zach Z says:

Thanks for this! Great show overall! Hot as a muther but just what I needed. Too many repeats from my last show at Mansfield but can’t complain. Much love!

August West says:

This guy is annoying

Frank Costanza says:

No West LA Fadeaway??…. DENIED!!!

knicksTexansFan #1 says:

Love ya Dean! Got the stream last night because I knew a scarlet fire was going to go down and I didn't want to miss the last one of the summer. I didn't love this show though to be honest. After my last two streams being alpine night 1 and the gorge this show just seemed to not hold the standard.
I love that they opened with playing. That song goes so many cool places and it's just a great way to set the tone for the rest of the show. Then bertha to me was just ok. Halfway through there was some issue where Bob's guitar was much louder than John's and it just sounded awkward in my opinion. Loved the tempo of it though. I thought jack straw was great. I thought the tempo was damn near perfect and sometimes that one just goes much too slow. I thought john was awesome with his guitar work on it. I love to hear a big railroad but john needs to pass that vocal on to otiel because he was struggling to hit several of the notes and it just sounded really bad. I know he had the surgery and I'm not making fun. It just was hard to listen to vocally for me.
I thought peggy-o was really good. It wasn't slow like it usually is and bob sings that well and John's guitar work on that is really tasteful. I thought ramble on rose plodded along. I especially hate the way they start it where everybody comes in at different times and it sounds like they r at a rehearsal gone wrong. It got going at the end when Jeff picked up the slack but it was too little too late for me. In my opinion when the technical difficulties were happening they should have just taken an early set break. One, it would have spared us from some terrible "humor" and also I thought that cumberland amd deal suffered from the lull in action. I thought cumberland took far too long to get going unlike the killer one at the gorge and that was the worst deal I have hear this band play in a long time because they always slay that one…to me it just went nowhere.
Sugar was amazing. Perfect pace and energy and just a great way to reinvigorate my interest. I was dancing by myself. Then we get the scarlet fire I was waiting for…the scarlet was excellent. The jams took me places and I'm all in at this point…then we get the worst transition from scarlet to fire that I have ever heard from this band. It was a clunky mess. There was just way too much of a tempo change between the two and fire was just horrible for this band's standard. I was ready for the song to just be over. Too slow which makes the vocals and music just awkward. I thought the althea was great. The tempo the vocals the guitar work. The jams transported me as they often do with that one. You get lost in it. Then we get eyes and again I thought it was good but just not as good as they have played it before. Bring back the jeff and otiel solos and stop rushing through the song. It deserves the attention it once got. Now they have made it a set filler in my opinion.
Drums was really great to watch. Everybody was having fun back there, especially Mickey. Space was horrible for this band's standard. Rushed through it. Went nowhere. Stella was just about perfection for this band. I don't think they could do it any better than they did last night. Bob slayed it vocally. Sunshine was good. Always makes me dance. Then you get my favorite, brokedown, and it didn't disappoint. It was just great. Everything about it. And the things John was doing on that silver prs during not fade away was just outstanding.
All in all a solid show but really didn't hold up for me to others of the tour and a lot of good stuff happened but just too much bad along with it for me to just look past it. As always thanks for the vids and your thoughts and giving me an opportunity to talk about my favorite band. LYLT!

Ace says:

I loved the Duck Joke, albeit an attempt… I hope to tell it many time over.

Sean Bell says:

Secret lair=katy perrys pad

gratefulvideo says:

Perfect review, I agree with every point.

Jim Richards says:

Weir should try smiling at least once a night. make people think he is enjoying himself,

Michael Doherty says:

It was an excellent show. I posted a review on my music blog:

Jonathan Banks says:

The NFA was stellar, but the Dead and Co crowds fail to get the chant right EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Jonathan Banks says:

How do you mention Sugar->Scarlet without mentioning 6/28/74 in the Gaaaahhhden?

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