Dead & Co Get It Done With A Do Over in Eugene!

I spaced mentioning Sugaree in there… It was definitely good enough that it shouldn’t have been forgotten, My apologies…

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Joshua Orr says:

Hi Dean! My wife watches you regularly, I just subbed. Love your demeanor :) I was at the Gorge, then headed (reluctantly) for Autzen too (we had to take the school bus, and it was overheating on the hills!) but we got there just as Sunshine was playing, missed a few songs….that is OK, I have heard Deal enough. BUT…. Still the best show I have seen in a long time. Just great….. I was exhausted,

TheTestingGrounds says:

The naked guy behind the pole in the 8.27.72 video, I think that was Cro-Magnon man.


Bobby's howls on lovelight took me back to '69

TheSharipaula says:

88, 89? on loan from Garcia? 'cleaning up' Citi Field 2018 Night 2?

Johnny Harper says:

Mayer should never sing a straight falsetto. Overall the vocals of the band, w the exception of Otiel are bunk. The music, this tour much better, never gonna be the best. People who werent there will never really know tho bc the best recordings will always fail to match the experience of the sound at a show. Thats y for some it will be the best ever. DeadCo is a steady 8 w a few 9 perfomances, some worse. Keep up the good work Dean I love you for it

richard harris says:


Adam Smith says:

Love the line about the hippie chicks in stead of the guy in the headband !

Timothy Ryan says:

Public Service Announcement: Do Not Google Bobby & th Midnites "I Want to Live in America" the shame, horror and sadness could last a lifetime.

john madory says:

I've been sick of Mickeys red paint brushes for sometime. Time to pick up sticks Mick !!

Bryan Tartus says:

when Dean is watching Dead & Company STFU! love it!

John Adamson says:

The magic WAS in the air during Brokedown. It was palpable in the crowd as we sang along LOUDLY. That oneness between band and audience was very much there. I just sat stunned in silence for about 20 minutes as the crowd cleared out of Autzen.

Oh, also, one thing that people in attendance might not know about is the osprey flying in circles above its nest high above the crowd during Sugaree. Really, really cool.

And, the comment about Bobby made during the first set about 'for those of you listening on the radio, this is called Dead Air' was a reference to Eugene's long-time Grateful Dead radio show on KLCC hosted by Downtown Deb. It's been on air in Eugene for 27 years now. There were just so many little moments and sidenotes going on at this show from band to audience and audience to band, it was truly a special night.

Tom Steinberg says:

"the first notes from the Dew for me..something comes over my physiology…" Just so! Concerning all those enthusiastic texts, well, the youknwowhat was superb, it seems, for everyone.

John Orr says:

Rockstar Richard in Exchange for Hot boobs?? WE'LL TAKE IT!!!!…

mrngdew77 says:

Really close to the stage and they were smoking from the first note. Bill Walton running around. John blistering through the first set, Bobby wailing, me crying when I realized I was hearing Dew. Dark Star>El Paso> Dark Star>St. Stephen >William Tell Bridge>Eleven

My sorry old ass was in heaven and my 75 year old dad never stopped dancing and shaking his head in amazement. Still talking about it today. My mom? Where's the next one? We had 3 generations there – saw families with 4. Just Dead family heaven.

one one says:

Best dead show ever Dean 10-18-1988. That Iko with the Bangles killed.

K says:

Bought this show last night on Nugs on a whim. Alpine withdraw maybe?! Glad I did, was a great night on the lazy-boy ..

Terry Lawhon says:

First time at a Dead show since 79 New year's…it was completely awesome!

opalight orro says:

I haven't seen the whole tour, and was wondering have they displayed Jerry's picture like they did last night for Brokedown palace? Most people there didn't see the pics , overcome by emotion. During set break I turned around and Trixie was right behind me. A special show for sure

Arcot Ramathorn says:

Why all the haters? They are a fair to midland dead cover band.

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