Dead & Co – Help on the way at Cititfield in Queens , N.Y. 6-16-2018


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Paul Lee says:

Like good old days ~ stadium full of deadheads & smoke ! Great Slipknot ! So glad to see John is doing Jerry justice in his own way !! Feeling very lucky to have caught this hot 2nd set ! Even if Bob had his senior moment during St. Stephen ! It's all good. I want to thank JM for letting the world know how great Jerry really was ! We are very lucky to have him fill his shoes.

bgoodson10 says:

John gets it, let’s be honest people. Hate all you want, but the man crushes it every night.

J H says:

Many people are saying this was their best show ever. Believe me

Francis Acanfora says:

Paradise waits
On the crest of a wave
Her angels in flame
She has no pain
Like a child, she is pure
She is not to blame
Poised for flight
Wings spread bright
Spring from night
Into the sun
Don't stop to run
She can fly like a lie
She cannot be outdone
Tell me the cost
I can pay
Let me go
Tell me love is not lost
Sell everything
Without love, day to day,
Insanity is king
I will pay
Day by day
Lock, bolt and key
Crippled but free
I was blind
All the time
I was learning to see
Help, is on the way…

Jonathan Banks says:

The Eleven breakout completely overshadowed this, although this is definitely the best Help->Slip->Franklin's they've played.

ForDummiesLikeMe says:

From 11:30 to 12:10.. Lol

ForDummiesLikeMe says:

I'm surprised there's only 3 comments here come on New Yaawkers where are ya haaa? Lol

ForDummiesLikeMe says:

John almost lost his mind on this one really pushed the limits at the end of Slipknot bordering on coming off the tracks but he pretty much held it together I've never seen him push that hard though.. before but I've seen him flub many times but this time he held it together for the most part.. the audio quality makes it harder to analyze but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one he's still doing a great job and filling some big shoes but he is taking a lot of risks and some of them are kind of cringe-worthy but it's always a different experience when you're at the show and your sense of awareness is enlightened shall I say lol

tongsansage says:

Made my night also…it was amazing show. Mayer is amazing guitarist. Made my night just watching this again on YT!

michaelmcgcp says:

Absolutely made my night when they played this. Incredible

Zach says:

Thanks for this!

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