Dead & Co. “Help On The Way/ Slipknot!/ Franklin’s Tower” Fenway Park, Boston MA 7/15/16

Dead and Company Performing “Help On The Way/ Slipknot!/ Franklin’s Tower” from @ Fenway Park in Boston, MA on 7/15/16

Dead & Co. consists of former Grateful Dead members:- Bob Weir (guitar), Mickey Hart (drums), Bill Kreutzmann (drums)
along with: – John Mayer (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass/drums), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards)

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Steve Norris says:

The Viola Lee in DC was off the hook. Beyond this, but Meyer brings new energy. I appreciate. Keep it up.

Bruce Bernstein says:

You just had to know that the picnic blanket John is wearing was going to distract Bobby into a false start. LMAO.
Nevertheless, a great show… these boys are gellin'!

Derek Wilson says:

Johnny shreds this up and down. Jerry would be so proud!

kathy gentry says:

he's wearing black and white plads because he is a Yankee fan

RealSoundNow says:

Wow, wow ..

Claudia Rieve says:

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible video!

Mike Patton says:

Mayer could wear a pink tutu and a hockey mask for all I care….he'd still be the baddest motherfucker in the room. Such an effortless musician.

Jerry Tingley says:

Johnny Checkers!

Thomas Eaton says:

Hey, is that Donna Jean God(Shaw)?? singing ???I thought she found Jesus and gave up the Dead???Anyone???

Andy S says:

Jm and otiel do an amazing job haven't heard the after Jerry years sound so good up until now. He is a very skilled guitar player he's gained my respect

J.R. Couch says:

So, they are getting ready backstage and not one person talked him out of matching plaid shorts and shirt?

Chazza534 says:

lol great vid but wtf is john wearing

Taylor Ferreira says:

cried tears of happiness during the last solo during franklin's tower…JOHN UR KILLIN IT.. jerry would be so proud <3

Mike Hannon says:

They sound fantastic, the old sound,the magic ,is there again

Christian Jenkins says:

matchie matchie

Doris Deacon says:

going down the road! that was rockin! l liked it! l like going down the road at rimes myself 2! "thank-u! Rock on!

Brad Hogan says:

Well done JM. Carry the torch! You deserve it.

spahn ranch worker says:

MAYER NEEDS TO GROW A GOTEE …..he would look like a very young taller jerry….lol….

Jake Tiberio says:

I went to this concert. Great show and great video

Devon Wright says:

Thanks a bunch – it has become pretty obvious through the fall and this summer that Bobby has found his first "soul mate" since Jerry!! Bobby is playing sooooo well, and Bill & Micky are happier than I have seen them since Brent died!!

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