Dead & Co Lockn Night 2 in Review

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Paul Colvin says:

"we'll be back in just a little bit" :)))

Lucas R says:

Not fade away mmmm bop

ally wolf says:

Dean, thanks again brother

Freedom is a Choice says:

Oh, there was nothing to complain about. Greatest weekend of my life.

William best says:

I, for one, am disappointed to discover that you don't drive a van with carpeting on the walls.

Sam Fensterstock says:

I was the bald guy to your right on the rafters sunday night – what a show…..

Jeremy Wendelin says:

Sheryl Crow is the precursor, for a festival about to go downhill. Look it up. She always make the bill right before the festival sells out. 3 years from now Lockn will be headlined by Eminem and snoop dog. You heard it here first.

Nancy Miller says:

Thanks Mr Grateful Dean !

itsTHEmarty says:

Just my 2 cents… I liked the stage setup last night, and enjoyed seeing the interactions during Eyes between Oteil and Branford and the interactions between Mayer and Jeff, and then the interactions from one side of the stage to the other. All the while Bobby and the Devils doing their thing to anchor it. And I was having flashes back to that New Year's Eve show Branford did with them 100 years ago during Eyes, but especially during NFA.

John Knott says:

Wow I'm surprised you said that both of those shows we're definitely aint no Stella performances, that's for sure .I was kind of disappointed myself. But I wasn't there maybe LSD was really good!! there I don't know. after the first night, I thought the second night was going to be awesome. it may have been worse than the first night. hopefully they pick it up in Mexico that's for sure stop draggin get in tune and get the vocals in tune together.

Owl Man says:

Hey Dean,
What was your favorite show of tour? I’ll have to agree with Mayer and say Citifield 2.

Stagger Lee says:

You look like such a dad with the baby seat and dry cleaning. Glad you were able to get away for awhile and be a kid again. Thanks for the review Dean but in the future, keep your eyes on the road!

Dustin Novak says:

We saw Tedeschi at the fox last month Dean.
I got goose pimples sober af!

Tony S. says:

Thank God I don't have to listen to your Fuckin' mouth for four months! Toodooloo!

gordon hensley says:

beautifully said about grateful dead forging path for SO MANY others… as you said: pete shapiro can throw down when it comes to having a party. infuckingcredible branford set that can support an entire tour. deadco the very best improvisational music out there — just is. great review — lets have a 10-12 show major market branford deadco winter tour after wolf bros…

K says:

Hey man .. Night 2 was great! Wish we got that setlist at Alpine! Brokedown Palace!

creechture1 says:

Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts in this forum. I totally agree with you about hearing the first notes of Branford's horn. So many roads indeed. 94 shows over 16 years following the boys around. (Wish it'd been more). I was at the first MSG concert Mr. Marsalis sat in on, and felt it last night like it was just yesterday. Keep on keepin' on, friend. All the best.

Josh Daniel says:

Did you go up front? I was about 20 yards back dead center. Hands down the best sound I’ve ever heard! Very nice stereo separation. I thought they played well too! Branford was a great treat too!

pinmanjd1 says:

Dude there's a tick on your forehead…

rob v says:

"stretch your mind like saltwater taffy". Does Dean prepare for these reviews? Amazing memory for details. And if these comments are off the cuff, he has a gift. Love listening to the reviews. Knowledgeable and entertaining. Keep up the great work Dean!

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