Dead & Co Sizzling Down South!

*The Black Throated Wind from Landover 3/16/90 was the first since 10/19/74. I think I said 72 and that was definitely a mistake. I also somehow failed to mention it going through the set. I’m like Weir on I Need a Miracle…

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Grill Cheese It


Cecil Gibson says:

Damn Mayer did watchtower??? Damn I need to hear it!!!

James Lauth says:

Thanks Dean, Right On!…………..Wavy Gravy…….Oh my!….LOL

Forrest Harrington says:

I was there and had a blast! ATL always rocks, seen around 20 shows in my hometown. Got my Lost Sailor > Saint and Bama Getaway.
2nd set was awesome – Watchtower was killed by Mayer – Bobby killed the DEW as well.

Erika Klein says:

Best show so far. Liked JMs smile throughout.

Danielle Kramer says:

I still think Furthur is better then Dead and co.

Lucas R says:

I felt the same thing about the tempo thing… I noticed early in Iko they actualy speed the tempo up and then bring it back down .. and i thought oh theyre fucking with us … they are fucking Masters of tempo

Dominic Tringale says:

I was at Landover '90 and Compton '92 also. Great shows. Great times.

melissa tiernan says:

Love, love your reviews, Dean!
OMG, those Compton Terrace show are some all-time favs. I was dancing so hard during S>F with gorgeous blazing desert backdrop, I didn't realize I was dancing on broken glass til I saw the blood dripping down my leg at the end. Whoohoo, some full life joyful fun there, boy! We felt the Sunshine was just for us after driving through a terrifying blizzard on the way to the shows, in AZ of all places!
Many good times at the Omni in the 80s and 90s for sure. Glad they got a scorcher there again. Looking forward to SPAC and Hartford! Hoping Esau, C>R, Stephen (too early, I know), Spoonful, Dancin', Minglewood, (given the new tempos, Bob getting more lyrics, and room for Jeff to shine) and Oteil on To Lay Me Down one of these days! :) Maybe we'll see your happy face!

Benjamin Baldwin says:

I was at this show! You call 'em, Dean! You know your Dead, brother. Love

Tony Taliercio says:

Dean I just discovered you and have to say you are amazing! Thank you for that breakdown of the Atlanta show.

Jim Krajewski says:

Put your ears to it! Awesome man – keep 'em coming!

BlackshirtDaddy says:

Dean, I love ya man. Although I’m not as concerned about pace as you, your takes are spot on. You’re helping me create my D&C 2018 playlist of highlights in my nugs app. Keep up the great work. It’s a lot of fun. By the way, I’m waiting for your take on Peggy-O in Raleigh. Breathtaking.

Asu Debate says:

"a woman twice his age is in an ern." Lol holy shit

altheaonthemoon says:

Hey brother Dean.Jumping back on at alpine Valley see you there my favorite dead head

terribletimes01 says:

Loved the Atlanta for long time. Used to be my old stomp back in the day too. This D&C show was my wife's first. We love the reviews. Keep on Growing,Deano.

Blake Whittington says:

I feel like I talked to this guy in Memphis 4/2/95 in the lot. He kept saying I'm wired…..not wired but im wired talking about the show

smostklightn says:

I swear we must have danced around each other back then lol. All 3 of those Landover shows were smoking….with the loose lucy and easy to love you breakouts on the other 2 nights. Loved the black throated break out…but was confused as hell by the lyrics! And 4/1/90…the long lost Omni…..Brent at his finest hour, imho.

Ace says:

Don't need to see the wavy-gravey to make me a believer.

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