Dead & Co Through the Dancing Crowd – Cumberland Blues

Camden 6-25-17

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Bhakta Billy says:


Steve Cook says:

This might the fastest tempo they'll actually play IMO.. Seen them twice at Key Bank; Bobby s no spring chicken anymore.. More volume too..

Ace says:

Hows' the camera being carried, cause no one seems to notice it much?

Mo Bettabud says:

Remember when you couldnt see your way through a sea of deadheads because of all the reefer smoke?

anthony lingon says:

Bored Bob Weir and His meandering band of padded bank accounts. Even the rubes still going can't get into it.

SLAPSHOT #44 says:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Hey Marge , change the channel.

damnright4 says:

Too many people fuckin around with their phones…For Christ sake…Hang up you're damn phone and shake a leg!!

sam hamdan says:

i think they are robbing people by charging 50 for the lawn, they should be no more than 15 tops…..

Cosmic Charlie says:

I'll pass on the lawn..see how much better the sound is inside lol..Can't wait for Raleigh few months to go

Frank Ruben says:

OMG! I couldn't make it through the whole thing.

Florence Wallis says:

I'm sorry but I'll take dso anyday.

Brian Martin says:

What a terrible crowd. Noone is dancing. yawn


222 mark is me

Jennifer Zeikus says:

Got me in last 5 seconds!! You were standing right behind me!!

Daniel Harris says:

GReat camera

Babette Dickson says:

fish comon they like to play rolling stones covers rite.trey is better with his band or sittin in with bobby or that dave guy.

Chris Mason says:

this show was good but these guys are too slow-paced and boring at times its cool that they still play to bring everyone together but phish tour this year will be way better even if it's 13 night in nyc

36 Gemini says:

Wow, this looks just like the lawn at the xfinity center in Hartford, minus the waterpower in the background. Thanks for posting this.

MisterBassBoost says:

Quite good video, awesome!

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