Dead & Company – 02/24/18 – New Orleans, LA – COMPLETE

Set 1:
Feel Like a Stranger
The Music Never Stopped
Cold Rain and Snow
Friend of the Devil
Smokestack Lightning

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Ship of Fools
Uncle John’s Band
Stella Blue
One More Saturday Night

Werewolves of London

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Grill Cheese It


Mark Darin says:

Yeah, who is the other bass player/singer?

Cody Barker says:

9:10–Bob is the man!

Alex Dickie says:

If only the drums could get some youthful infusion.

Steven perdue says:

Who dat is on sugaree?

Steven perdue says:

How could I not sub a channel that is f ing amazing :)

Verse Hearse says:

Do all of them puff the magic dragon these days

Verse Hearse says:

Otiel on fire otm always

Joel Wateres-muddy says:

Don’t look what’s in there pockets he loves playing and I’m sure the gd machinery truly earn it and there’s a lot of mouths to feed with a lack of greed
Cherish it cause rider(you probably drove to the show in a beamer lol no shade forgive me) you gonna miss them when There gone .
FYI from a practicing deadolgist 26-27 years ? of great memories and a permanent smile on my face
I did not make to this DC show modern technology came to keep that smile watched a stream in my hot tub 8 of my favorite souls DC show was for sure a magic night , magic music, and in the strangest of places
My magic hot tub where we all were shown the light . I do believe my place not the only place feeling emerged in liquid

redingtonm says:

Really dug werewolves at the end fun way to end the show!

Bradley Hannah says:

Great concert cant wait till the Gorge in June!

Bradley Hannah says:

been listening since the 70s

sam hamdan says:

they grossed over 51 million dollars in 2017, insane…………………

Mike Trudelle says:

Better & better! John has a true understang of the "spirit" of the thing. He is excelling at his part as is everyone else. Fucking awesome! Thanks to all responsible for this music.

J Zant says:

I was here, it was great, thanks soooo much for posting this!

Ace says:

Thank you for keeping the music in rare form and no Bogus advertisement interruptions.

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