Dead & Company – 02/26/18 – Sunrise, FL – COMPLETE

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
Comes a Time
They Love Each Other
Bird Song
New Speedway Boogie
Bird Song

Set 2:
The Weight
Help on the Way
Eyes of the World
Dark Star
Days Between
Throwing Stones

Touch of Grey

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doug allen says:

Bird song>New speedway boogie>birdsong>deal. Wow

doug allen says:

We tried to get down to floor this song. But went down a dead end isle. Lol. Spent a little time one the mountain

doug allen says:

This show was grate

doug allen says:

Dark star tease

doug allen says:

Better than my memory

doug allen says:

Acoustic bird song

doug allen says:

They love each other

doug allen says:

Comes a time

Bubba Booey says:

Great shakedown

Neil Korsgaard says:

Love Chimenti's playing on They Love Each Other!

Neil Korsgaard says:

Is it me, or have they slowed all the songs down….. it's like a 45 record played on 33.3 speed.

Neil Korsgaard says:

It's so rare to be able to really hear Bobby's guitar playing in the mix. Great separation on this one and you can hear it clearly.

Bongo Dave says:

What do the t shirts Bobby and Oteil are wearing mean?

sam hamdan says:

im still trying to figure out what mickey hart does, i dont think his drums are even miked…..

JayChevako says:

As much as I don't want to sound like an old deadhead, crowing about back in the day, sometimes you just have to roll with it. Otiel just doesn't cut it on comes a time. He may have a better voice than Jerry, but that's one of those songs that Jerry pours his soul into, and you can hear it. Having said that I don't think Otiel should stop singing it, just keep plugging away, and find a way to make the song his own.

Eric Newman says:

What was Johnnycakes saying to Bobby at 49:38? You might wanna put some ???

Evan Mortonn says:

the tone of the dark star is very compelling. Makes you want to listen to every note.

Philip Blaisdell says:

EPIC SHOW! This is the tightest I've ever heard them play.

Anthony Nasti says:

I still can't get over the version of "Throwin' Stones" here. Bobby sang it like he was delivering the Sermon on the Mount. Biblical anger coming from him there.

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