Dead & Company – 11/16/17 – Philadelphia, PA – COMPLETE

Set 1:
Dancin’ in the Street
Ramble On Rose
Row Jimmy
Friend of the Devil
New Minglewood Blues
West L.A. Fadeaway
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Dark Star
Smokestack Lightning
Eyes of the World
Dear Prudence
Uncle John’s Band
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

Black Muddy River

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EEF1108 says:

One of my favorite Dark Stars. From Let It Grow through Eyes of the World is some of the best music Dead & Co. have produced.

Michael Hicks says:

GDTRFB 2:58 >>>

richard harris says:

I'm going to be front row on the rail in Camden I know that.
600 lbs of sin

richard harris says:

Dear Prudence at the 2 hour 38 minute Mark or right after that

Paul Vance says:

thank u very much!!!

Joshua Sudduth says:

This is a pretty good show especially the Dark Star into Truckin.

albert lobbato says:

Was at this show. Popped some boomers. Solid first set…let it grow was intense. Long intermission…Bobby took sum xtra nap time ;). And then they absolutely ripped our faces off with that Dark Star laced with Milestones. Strangers just looking at each other in wide-eyes awe while asking in silence: Is this happening for real?!?!? Straight crushed us. Set the tone for the best 2nd set I’ve witnessed so far.

Gratefulhead says:

I was at the second Garden show, thought I was so cool for getting St. Stephen. I was so jealous when I saw the second set Philly got lmao. Absolute fire

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