Dead & Company – 11/22/17 – Hartford, CT – COMPLETE

Set 1:
Iko Iko
Shakedown Street
They Love Each Other
Loose Lucy
Friend of the Devil
Bird Song

Set 2:
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
China Doll
The Other One
Spanish Jam
Black Peter
Uncle John’s Band
U.S. Blues

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

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Dennis Stankie says: I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

criberafresh says:

Don't tell me this town aint got no heart, when I can hear it beat out loud! ( Hartford is also known as the Heartbeat )

criberafresh says:

Nice one m8

Jordy3843 says:

Awesome to see John and Bobby getting along. Some obvious chemistry during estimated

bosux redsux says:

my gf thankS u

Jay Orazi says:

Bobby illuminati salute during estimated

Jay Orazi says:

Birdsong. Wow

Corey Sandoval says:

It's working!. Bob is a beast!!! John is doing so well. Therrrryye Greeeeaaaat!

tktrips9 says:

Dang! I guess this is what Dead and Co sounds like with Mayer's guitar almost completely dropped out of the mix.

Blake Pitts says:

Thank you for posting the Dead shows!!!

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