Dead & Company 6/1/18 “St. Stephen” in Camden,NJ

Dead & Company 6/1/18 “St. Stephen” in Camden,NJ

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Scott Cohen says:

this is slightly faster than the 76 version fyi. I agree stfu and be grateful they are even playing these songs at all.
nice phone capture? usually they sound really bad. this one works.

Shannon Gamble says:

Well. They nailed St Stephen last night and then some. As good as it gets as far as I am concerned. This is taking me to that incredibly high place.

Christopher Mayer says:

Everyone is always complaining about tempo. Um, Jerry and the boys played this many times at these tempos. Now smoke a bowl and STFU and dance

Eugene Brady says:

sounds pretty darn good, considering!

kmartinpa says:

swampy! this song fits their slow tempo.

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