Dead & Company 6/20/17 SPAC Saratoga Springs NY Set 2

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
China Doll
Terrapin Station
All Along the Watchtower
Black Peter
I Know You Rider
Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

*Originally Periscoped by Casezille108 from the Pit
*Thanks to magicpez for the help with saving the periscope stream of set 2 for me so I could upload it to my youtube channel! Unfortunately, the Periscope app did not save Set 2 on my camera roll when I stopped recording. That’s why I don’t have an HD version of set 2.

And an extra special thanks to 5299!


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Doug Swimm says:

I was there also! Great show!

Jonathan Walser says:

5299….haha #couchtour

Joseph Ferguson says:

Great sound. Great video choice killer show

Joseph Ferguson says:

Thank you was there

playa says:

thanks! sounded just as good from up in the balcony! how about that Deal?

deich31 says:

Thanks for posting. Very, very special evening.

Forever Greatful says:

thank you
for a peak at how the camera works for the screen nicely done Family

IggyM says:

Great job, Thanks!

Matakali kijaiho says:


favorite tunes says:

I was there too. It was amazing.

Bern Roth says:

Right On! Thank you!!!!!!

Mandy Webster says:

I can not thank these guys enough for keeping on keeping on! Bobby has been doing this since he was 16 years old! He has a true love for the music and I love him for that! <3

Joseph Carroll says:

I was at this one.
Thank you very much for posting! Best sound quality I've heard so far….

Joseph Carroll says:

theses are rough..did them first time through
China Cat 00:40 Deal 07:54 China Doll 23:15 Terrapin 32:56 Drums/Space 46:18 Watch Tower 1:00:23 Black Peter 1:10:10 I Know you Rider 1:23:55 GDTRFB 1:38:10

Brian Minett says:

Snuck from the lawn to the pit .

Dwight Brown says:

thanks! great video recording. i was buying beer and in line for the bathrooms most of the show! lol

Rod Ciferri says:

Thanks for the set! More than one permutations of this band has played a fine show at SPAC. I saw my first show there in 1988. Loved it so much I had see them two days later in Rochester (Green Onions).

magicpez says:

Aw! Thanks for the kudos! It was my pleasure to convert for you :)

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